Colombia of coastline in the Caribbean Sea

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Sun and beach destinations in Colombia

If you are thinking about your next dream vacation, Colombia offers the same beauty and sinless rest, with all the diversity that gives us the three ranges of the Andes, several of its natural thermal sites and a huge variety of climates, Colombia is no country that stands out among others for its magical beaches that guarantee a space of peace, relaxation and tranquility to all those tired of the noise and routine of everyday life.

Colombia of coastline in the Caribbean Sea

Photography by P_R_

Colombia has 1,600 kilometers of coastline in the Caribbean Sea and 1,300 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. In total it has over three hundred beaches for all tastes. Some have all the services required by tourists and others are real natural paradise, which is why Cartagena is one of the Colombian destinations full of sun, playa.y charm.

Cartagena de Indias:

Cartagena is a city of walls and white beaches that shine not only for its architecture. Framed by a beautiful bay, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most beautiful and preserved cities in America.

Close to the walled city is a modern tourist industry, Bocagrande, which has extensive beaches, hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. The best beaches in the area of Cartagena are the Rosario islands, Baru and San Bernardo.


Cartagena offers fabulous dining and kitchen all tastes. good restaurants located mostly itself in two areas: the historical and Bocagrande, which are also the most touristy areas of the city.

The city offers: seafood, typical coastal food and a variety of international fusion food.

Sun and beach destinations in Colombia

Photography by P_R_

Rosario Islands:

This charming little archipelago of coral origin is about 90 minutes by boat or 45 by boat from the city of Cartagena.

Its white beaches and crystal clear water invites lovers of sun and sand to sink to this wonderful landscape. Enjoy the architecture and the breeze that blows by beaches and colonial streets.

Islands of Baru:

It is a large island near Cartagena, along with fine sand beaches, white and underwater gardens. Access to the island can be done by water, crossing the Bay of Cartagena or by car, crossing the Channel by ferry dock.

Colombia of coastline in the Sea

Photography by Jorge Lascar

Beach on the island of San Bernardo:

This is a lovely archipelago located south of the city of Cartagena. Its beaches and beautiful scenery is ideal for lovers of sun, sand and relaxation. On the island of San Bernardo need to take precautions, as there are areas of intense seasonal currents.

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