Collserola, the green heart of Barcelona

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One of the features that most interest of Barcelona is its location between mountains and sea. In half an hour can move from one of the city’s beaches to see it from the top of one of the mountains that surround it. Collserola is one of the balconies of privilege over the city.

Collserola, the green heart of Barcelona

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Geography and around the park:

Collserola Park is one of the largest expanses of green and close to the city. This is presented with more than 6,500 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation where you can stroll and enjoy the air, something more pure through this area, walk to town. These hills surrounding Barcelona, we offer many attractions to spend a day trip if you’re sightseeing in Barcelona, and for those living in the city, this is a recreational area, where the roads are filled with people walking, done routes or bike paths runs over the sunny weekend.

The maximum height Collserola Park is the Tibidabo, which is at 512 meters above sea level, where the historic amusement park. A mix of old, uniqueness and a touch of nostalgia make this park a pleasant place for family fun and where parents take their children today, recalling the first time they saw the sights in operation. And one of these mythical attraction is the roller coaster, it stopped working. After 47 years of service to the fun and excitement, the old roller coaster retired in 2008 due to the high cost of having maintenance.

Collserola Park is the Tibidabo

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The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

For its shape, location and of course his name reminds us of the famous Sacré Coeur de Montmartre in Paris, and although not the mythic Parisian temple worth a visit to discover the details behind this church. Designed by the architect Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia and finished by his son, the temple overlooks the city of Barcelona from Tibidabo begun in 1902 and not completed until 1961.

The building is divided into three parts first glance, the crypt in the lower zone and darker brown stone, lighter shade church and the statue of Christ overlooking from above.

Collserola Tower:

For lovers of architecture, one of the major claims of this saw Barcelona is Collserola Tower. Was built for the 1992 Olympic Games to improve telecommunications in Catalonia and, in turn, change the skyline. Its author was the architect Norman Foster, its 288 meters is the tallest building in the city (keep in mind that, moreover, is situated 70 meters above the ground).

Getting there To reach the lookout tower Collserola the public transport you can take a train of Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya and low in one of three stations: Vallvidrera, Avda Tibidabo Peu del Funicular.
Information Phone: 934069354 or 932803552

Flora and fauna:

Collserola Park is a good place to disconnect from the city. The park has 10 million trees and over 300 species of vertebrates, among which there are wild boars, badgers, genets, rabbits and squirrels. It also features a wide variety of residents that cross its skies, as the hawk. Hopefully we can bump up a Mediterranean tortoise walking calmly through the area.

Collserolla walking routes:

The Collserola also has numerous options for routes on foot or by mountain bike trails. The offer ranges from quiet walks to enjoy the views, longer routes and also require more physical effort.

the green heart of Barcelona

Photography by diluvi

If you have previously been Collserola, we would like to know about your travel experience.

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