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The World Visa

viernes, febrero 4th, 2011

If you cross certain boundaries and of itself often becomes a long process of queues and bureaucracy, there is a curious document called ‘visa «that even I can not understand its usefulness. Yes, yes, I know that maybe in the beginning it was a way to make control inputs to the country, but today it looks more like an extra source for economic gain that control mechanism.

The World Visa

Photography by the mechanical turk

How I came to this conclusion? Preparing my trip, which will pass through several countries, I’ve found that no single type of visa but depending on the government, the agreements you have with the country of origin and basically its tourism policy, we will have different procedures for crossing the border. (más…)

Luton Airport: train to London information

domingo, enero 30th, 2011

As we mentioned earlier in the article Gatwick Airport, choose which train to go to London, when we plan to fly to London always raises the same question: what airport you choose?

Luton Airport

Photography by UggBoy?UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ]

We have five options: Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton. We can opt for either of them based on price and schedule, we can even combine them, one for the outward and for the return. We can also choose the airport train station whose destination is closer to our hotel. In any case, we should not rule out either through ignorance or misconceptions. In this case speak of Luton, the farthest from London of all and see what a perfectly valid option. (más…)

Pergamon Museum in Berlin

sábado, enero 29th, 2011

The Pergamon Museum is undoubtedly the most visited of the wide range of exhibition halls in Berlin and the highlight of the museum (Museum), although the competition is tough.

Pergamon Museum in Berlin

Photography by foshie

The reason we looked at the entrance. Soon as you step through the front door of the museum we find the whole impressive Pergamon altar and occupying a huge room where it is difficult to choose where to begin our visit, fortunately the audio guide is included in the ticket price and makes us more easier when you begin to admire the beautiful temple friezes of the Greek. (más…)

Tips to save on travel

jueves, enero 20th, 2011

The cost of a trip depends on the traveler. Certainly there are cheaper destinations and we put it more easy time to reduce our budget and others for organizing a trip on our own and get away from the ‘tourist price’ is more complicated. Now if you want to travel and do not have a high budget, it may not always have to resort to tactics of ‘backpacker’ end.

Trip depends on the traveler

Photography by Reindertot

If we take into account some key details and reduce slightly our needs and comfort level, we open many country roads and discover.

Tips to save on your trip: (más…)

The 10 most visited museums in the world

martes, enero 18th, 2011

The 10 most visited museums in the world

Art lovers, this is a list of 10 most visited museums, not the best. In these cases, the dispute is served and sure many more can you give an example of other more modest and interesting museums, but in matters of popularity, the great halls of European capitals take the gold medal.

The 10 most visited museums in the world

Photography by Eurapart

And it is that of the 10 most visited museums, 8 are in Europe and 3 of them in London. Is not too surprising, but it was interesting to figures. (más…)

Alternative markets in London

viernes, enero 7th, 2011

London has one of the offers broader markets of all kinds. It is difficult to choose just one. Although Portobello and Camden markets are the best known and also where we can find more tourists are not alone. There are other charming where to find an authentic, real bargain and all sorts of unimaginable objects.

Alternative markets in London

Photography by Special K Files

Brick Lane has been for centuries a neighborhood where immigrants have found their place of different cultures coming to live in London. First came the Irish, the Jews later years and is now the quintessential Indian neighborhood. (más…)

Visit Christiania, the Free City of Copenhagen

domingo, enero 2nd, 2011

Copenhagen is one of the most interesting cities in Europe in many ways. Within this city, in the center, there is another small town, with defined borders, as if we were talking about a state where there are other laws and other forms of life, this small free city Christiania and it is known as one of the few communities in Europe who live according to standards set by its inhabitants.

Visit Christiania

Photography by caspermoller

Christiania entrance door:

It all started in the 70’s when a group of citizens of Copenhagen suggested the government create a self-managed area in the way of the hippies of the time. What began as a social and political experiment, became a popular area free. In this city, people live with their own rules and regulations, but Christiania veterans say they have lost some of its primal essence, this neighborhood is still a great cultural scene with «jam-sessions» almost daily, plays exhibitions, among other activities. (más…)

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