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Travelling to the Algarve coast – Portugal

jueves, septiembre 23rd, 2010

Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, this region is south of the country and shows all its magnificence to the world. On the sunny coast of the Algarve, Faro and Olhão face, lies the small island of Culatra unknown.

Travelling to the Algarve coast - Portugal

Photography by timo_w2s

Beautiful fishing village where the peace is reflected in the lime of their buildings and the sweetness of its people contrasts with the harsh brand of expression that have been carved sea. This island, along with its neighboring Armona and Farol, make calls Barrera, parapet to the ponds inside belonging to the natural reserve of Ria Formosa. (más…)

Travel Port in the heart of Belgium – Part I

domingo, septiembre 19th, 2010

Air Port in the heart of Belgium, leads us on a tour of its streets, the same port and below the confluence of two rivers. Both the Scheldt (the largest in Belgium) and Lys, its great tributary. The city of Ghent in his past, came to compete with himself in full medieval Paris (between centuries XIII and XV) as the major European metropolis, the commercial importance of these river highways. And its two large springs and Korenlei Graslei, which gave him a genuine maritime atmosphere despite being in the heart of historic Flanders (55 kilometers from the North Sea).

Travel Port in the heart of Belgium

Photography by richardfdez

After his moment of greatest glory and the ever hard journey across the desert of history, (más…)

Cycling Routes in Madrid

martes, septiembre 7th, 2010

Madrid is a city that little love of bicycles is an open secret. Is it because of the weather, will it be on the slopes? or is it because its leaders never paid attention to the two wheels as a solution to urban mobility?. But little by little that indifference is turning into romance. One example is the green ring around cyclist and the city: 64 km bike lane (with physical separation between cyclists and cars) that allow us full circle to Madrid safely and without strain.

Cycling Routes in Madrid

Photography by sindändùne

Cycling Tours: (más…)

Tours on the island of Malta

lunes, agosto 30th, 2010

The nights in Malta can be endless. It is a destination that has long established itself as a place of pilgrimage for young people who want to improve their English while retaining the sun and water. There is, therefore, a bar, fast food restaurants, pubs, discos. But there are quieter options.

Nightlife in Malta

Photography by mescon

Walking the streets:

As the streets of Valletta, is probably the best option. In Republic Street, the pedestrian routes goes to the center of town, (más…)

Driving around Paris in a day

domingo, agosto 15th, 2010

Although it is a shame to devote one day to the city of Paris, famous for its monuments, palaces and museums, often the time we play a trick and ends up giving us just a few hours in some destinations.

Driving around Paris in a day

Photography by Ivi PC

Oddly enough, many people are visiting cities that ends just as important as Paris in a day. This usually occurs because the Charles de Gaulle International Airport is one of the destinations most important combinations of flights from Europe and the world, generating in many cases, a wait of one day connection. (más…)

Historic Monuments of Ireland

viernes, agosto 6th, 2010

The landscape of Ireland is surrounded by spectacular historical sites and monuments of national heritage, from the ruins of the stone age until the world’s largest castles of exceptional luxury.

Historic Monuments of Ireland

Photography by sedoglia


Let’s talk a little history, Ireland’s first settlers probably came from northern Britain 9,000 years ago. They went to the River Bann and probably settled at the foot of Mount Sandel, near Coleraine, County Londonderry. Neolithic farmers remained until about 2000 BC, when the Bronze Age began. The first Celts arrived around 500 BC. (más…)

Meet and travel to Belfast

lunes, agosto 2nd, 2010

Belfast is located in the northeast of the island of Ireland and surrounded by high hills, and the beautiful Rñio Lagan. Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland has been transformed in the last decade to become a city full of energy and is currently one of the most sophisticated cities on the island.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Photography by lyng883

Focusing on the city of Belfast and feel the friendliness and good humor of its people are one of the strengths of the city, but we can not ignore the important cultural heritage that we offer. Cueing in Belfast, in places like the Cathedral Quarter, this is the cultural heart of the city and meets Victorian architecture that has nothing to envy the best examples to be found in the rest of Europe. For its part, the Titanic Quarter east of Belfast, is where the legendary ship was built, and reminds the world of rich maritime and industrial past of the city. (más…)

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