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Peru in the Rural Tourism

miércoles, junio 23rd, 2010

Many people are tired of traditional tourism, the one that leads us to meet the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, one that turned up some years ago in a travel cliché. Today, there are different types of passengers, each with a particular taste and therefore we can now find a variety of infinite choices and trends in travel and tourism topics.


Photography by andresmh

Today we will talk on Rural Tourism that type of tourism, which until recently was only privileged young hippies and backpackers. True, years ago, maybe the adults did not dare to practice rural tourism because the accommodation, especially from Third World countries, did not offer the comforts of a hotel. But now everything has changed and we can find beautiful places to stay and nothing higher prices. So if you forget the stress of the city noise and smog is nothing better than a few days away to the fields, the contact with nature and the tranquility of the remote villages. (más…)

Travel Ávila – Spain: A Journey to the past

viernes, mayo 7th, 2010

When we plan a visit to Spain, obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Madrid, Barcelona and Seville as automatic places, but Spain is a country of almost endless diversity and its historical attractions, cultural and natural, which makes it an excellent destination for travelers from around the world. Within this diversity, deserves mention a visit to Avila, a trip to the medieval past and near Madrid.

Iglesia de San Pedro en Ávila

Photography by Cruccone

Located south of Castile, noble land of silent people have accustomed their eyes to the color contrast of the clay from their land with white houses and green crops, Avila contains, literally, a piece of history, speaking castles, kings, and power struggles, foreign invasions, and speaks of Christianity, a devout Spain at one point, was a great empire. (más…)

Tours Extremadura in Spain

sábado, mayo 1st, 2010

The two largest Spanish provinces accept into their country a legacy of exceptional archaeological and historical interest: the remains of the past come together in Rome, the Middle Ages and the Gothic-Mudejar in three cities declared World Heritage Site. Extremadura also provides natural wonders such as the National Park Monfragüe and exquisite cured ham.

Tours Extremadura in Spain

Photography por Peter Shanks

Tierra de conquistadores, sublime landscapes and exquisite cuisine thanks to its cold cuts, Extremadura has a monumental and artistic heritage of emergency. In Merida, the ancient Roman Augusta Emerita, retains one of the best preserved monumental sites of Spain. (más…)

Rural tourism in Santa Cruz

lunes, marzo 8th, 2010

IMG_7898_2 por marianoc.

Our virtual tour takes us to the stunning Patagonian on an itinerary that includes the Ancient, Lago Posadas, the Cueva de las Manos, Perito Moreno National Park and Petrified Forest. It is a pleasure to sleep watching the endless steppe of the window, literally in the middle of nowhere. Sleeping in a Patagonian ranch is like the ideal of a peaceful sleep, away from the loud noises of the urban world. (más…)

Travel to Tapia de Casariego of España

martes, marzo 2nd, 2010

Puerto de Tapia by Jagalo..

Tapia de Casariego attracts the visitor throughout the year, for its local color, pleasant climate, its cuisine and for its extraordinary beaches.

Near the Ria del Eo and also next to the sailor and Ribadeo Luarca, is Tapia de Casariego. Due to its strategic location and thanks to the many features and attractions that relieves the traveler, this place has become one of the most visited areas of western Asturias. Its landscape, its beaches and its marine environment make this board one of the best locations on the Costa Verde. (más…)

The Arribes del Duero

viernes, febrero 26th, 2010

2178_Arribes_del_Duero_Salamanca by traselvisor.

From Salamanca to the region known as Las Arribes del Duero, in the western provinces of Salamanca and Zamora, the main protagonist of trip is the fanciful nature of a river, the Duero. The site has created deep lands boxing between Spanish and Portuguese. Nearly a hundred kilometers of river course, where the microclimate above characteristics and the inaccessibility of the granite cliffs provide a unique habitat for numerous protected species, among which the vulture, golden eagle and black stork. (más…)

Pamplona Parks

martes, febrero 9th, 2010

Ciutadella Park por Juan Pablo Mantilla.

The city of Pamplona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarra (Spain), as well as the center of the basin of Pamplona. This town was founded in 74 BC by the Roman general Pompey on the basis of a settlement that already existed and had the name or bengod Iruña in which you can find hotels in Pamplona curious. During the middle ages it was the capital of the Kingdom of Pamplona and then the Kingdom of Navarre, and therefore it is the historic capital of Euskal Herria. (más…)

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