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The cenotes of Yucatan

jueves, febrero 17th, 2011

Before reaching the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, we can discover that there are cenotes, that would be something like an oasis of recreation are only a few meters from the beautiful beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Riviera Maya

Photgraphy by Alaskan Dude

For those who do not know what the cenotes are, these are ponds that are one or two hundred feet, emerging to the surface leaving emerge groundwater in the area. The water is usually turquoise or green, although there are cases where the water is very clear. There are several types of cenote, depending on their time and their classification, are those of the open, semi open or in caves, which are the most recent. These are formations of Pleistocene and say some are connected with the sea, but as the sea water is denser in the lower left of the cenote. In the Yucatan Peninsula is estimated that over 3000 cenotes. (más…)

Alexander the Great face

viernes, febrero 11th, 2011

Alexander the Great face

The photo does not exist in antiquity, so find out how the look of someone who lived 2,300 years ago? The only way to know, roughly, is to use ancient texts that describe the character in question. If this was described by contemporaries, the better. From here, if the character statues have survived, we must select those traits that are closer to the descriptions of these texts.

Alexander the Great face

Photography by aigialos

Alexander is one of the most important in the history of mankind, and as such has been mentioned in many texts. Few of them however were written in the hero’s life. Most are later stories that blend history and legend with more or less skill, and say very little about the physical appearance of the Macedonian king. (más…)

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