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Discover the Vall de Boi

sábado, enero 8th, 2011

Boi Valley in the Pyrenees blends perfectly with the pure nature of the Pyrenees with Romanesque architecture in a small hidden valley, 300 km from Barcelona.

The Vall de Boi

Photography by manelzaera

From the eleventh century the valley, under the rule of Erill, was part of the diocese of Urgell, and appears as an entity in 1066 in a treatise on the counts of Pallars. As the lords of Erill helped in the recapture with Alfonso I the Battler, were rewarded. In this way they could build the beautiful Romanesque churches are spread over the valley. (más…)

The London Eye, the Ferris wheel rises to highest in Europe

sábado, enero 1st, 2011

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel (London Eye) to be opened in 2000, has quickly become one of the star visits London, which has no mean feat given the many attractions of the English capital. For some years held the title of world’s tallest Ferris wheel, and it still is in Europe.

The London Eye

Photography by Koshyk

Visited by more than 3.5 million people a year, was conceived as an icon of modernity and a metaphor of the new century and millennium that were to come after his inauguration. Quite an achievement in design and engineering, passengers of the wheel can enjoy views of up to 40km in all directions, when weather conditions permit. (más…)

Diving in Roatan – Honduras

domingo, diciembre 19th, 2010

Roatan, Utila and Guanaja with the archipelago Honduran Bay Islands. Legends of its past and pirates are just the colorful names of cities, beaches and even the most modern business. But undoubtedly the Barrier Reef one of the main attraction of this island.


Photography by Perry McKenna

The reef that once protected the Spanish pirates and British navies today protects the island from the capricious weather, and protects all its tropical wealth above and below the water. The lush tropical vegetation along the legions of palms that crown its beaches and brilliant turquoise waters draw the features that many have in mind when we think of a natural paradise. (más…)

Norway: North Cape Road

sábado, diciembre 11th, 2010

As he approaches the North Pole, the Norwegian territory is showing its most abrupt but also the most exotic and fascinating. The landscape is giving way to cold and bare mountains and impressive show, but in return, the midnight sun and northern lights bring us experience impossible to forget. The long distances and sparse population north of the country become an ideal destination to discover the wild nature. Here are some points of great interest in the area, on the way to North Cape.


Photography by Ramon Cahenzli

Vesterålen islands and whales:

The north of the Lofoten islands, are less spectacular landscape level but instead allow for fantastic whale watching excursions. (más…)

Cabo de Gata: data for the traveler

sábado, octubre 16th, 2010

What does a beach is a virgin? Not exactly the idyllic image that usually one made of a Caribbean beach with golden sand and coconut trees. It is a beach where there are no tourist services, even lifesaving surveillance, where the hand of man has not acted yet and usually are far from the beaten path, but certainly this latter feature is more a cause than a result.

Cabo de Gata

Photography by Hector Garcia

Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Cabo de Gata is the only coastal national park in Spain. In its secluded beaches can still be reunited with the sea breeze and the rugged landscape and eerie, silent, still leaving room for thoughts. (más…)

Escape to the volcanoes of the Garrotxa

miércoles, octubre 13th, 2010

Halfway between the landscapes of high mountains of the Pyrenees and the plains. The Garrotxa Natural Park is an exceptional site, where the largest volcanoes on the peninsula. Landscapes, gastronomy and the numerous Roman remains, make the Garrotxa an ideal place to escape a few days to clean air and enjoy its charms.

Escape to the volcanoes of the Garrotxa

Photography by Monitotxi

Volcanic Hiking:

Natural Park of the Garrotxa encourages hiking trails. The paths are well marked and are of low difficulty, so you can enjoy an outdoor break, suitable for all ages. (más…)

La Dune du Pyla, a desert in the middle of France

sábado, octubre 9th, 2010

La Dune du Pyla is just awesome. When you visit the largest sand dune in Europe, in the middle Atlantic coast of France, and with these few data in mind, it is impossible not to marvel at this training that is most like a ridge of a dune sand.

La Dune du Pyla, a desert in the middle of France

Photography by Danilo Paissan

Geographical Location:

With a summit of 104 meters above sea level, the Dune du Pilat is known as the Queen of the dunes by imposing control over the coast. Located on the picturesque Bay of Arcachon, washed by the ocean and many rivers that cross Aquitaine to die in this extraordinary landscape of sand banks of 1,500 hectares. From its summit can be seen as an army of sticks, called «pignots», reveal the status of oyster culture, very numerous in the area. (más…)

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