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Time for the island of Phu Quoc

sábado, junio 25th, 2011

With the mood of the country revolutionized the heat begins to tighten, raise your hand if you are not already planning to go on a trip. If possible, a place that is away from our day to day, with secluded beaches, exotic culture and delicious cuisine.

The island of Phu Quoc

Photography by ZoeShuttleworth

These haunting images sinful head, the impulse to turn to buy a ticket to the beautiful island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam is hard to resist. Located on the Gulf of Siam near the Cambodian border, this piece of paradise still not too exploited for mass tourism, it retains the rural charm that is often difficult to find in the continental Vietnam. (más…)

Tours of the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

miércoles, junio 8th, 2011

Tours of the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

All during the day is a beautiful colonial landscape is transformed by night into a paradise of pubs, restaurants and places to hangar (out on the town). A walk through Old San Juan, but this time under the moon, could start at the Nuyorican Café in Chapel Alley, where you can listen and dance to salsa, with an interesting mix of very experimental electronic music.

the coastal areas of Puerto Rico

Photography by william.neuheisel

If the program is to take a Roncito or Rummy to heat engines, with a dessert for the occasion, the safety pins are bars on Calle San Sebastian are Nonos favorite bars (with pool), The Tortoise and the lamp. Dragonfly Maridan sweetish drinks very well (who would have said) with an unexpected fusion of Asian and Puerto Rican food. And very near there, in the Toro room, the tapas are wonderful. You have to have something clear: in San Juan will always be someone willing to fill our glasses of rum. (más…)

Trip to the Antarctic in Argentina

lunes, junio 6th, 2011

Hundreds of whales swimming in the waters of Puerto Madryn and elephant seals are stationed on the beaches of the Peninsula Valdés, while waiting in Rawson, the arrival of visitors: the fauna of winter and is ready to provide an extraordinary natural spectacle in the blue waters of the South Atlantic.

Trip to the Antarctic in Argentina

Photography by Mariano Fotos

From Mount Avanzado, 16 miles south of downtown Puerto Madryn, can see the roundness of the earth on the ocean horizon. Only the comings and goings of some whales, yonder, cut the total stillness of the sea surface. (más…)

Stories and legends in the UK

jueves, marzo 31st, 2011

The UK has stories and legends clearly exposed to both inside and outside the country. Many of these destinations are already known by the locals and from which we begin to detail them below:

Stories and legends in the UK

Photography by Michi1308

In our journey to discover the stories and legends of the country, we can go Towards the junction of A344 and A303 between Salisbury and Amesbury. To go see one of the spectacular stone columns SEA are on one side of the road that makes us feel like a little child before his birthday. In itself there is much to do but that there is something particular in the environment. (más…)

Path to Silicon Valley Part II

martes, marzo 22nd, 2011

Path to Silicon Valley Part II

In the previous post we talked about the route through the Silicon Valley. Today we explain the origin of Silicon Valley and visits to historic HP garage at the Googleplex in Mountain View and Stanford, among many other things has been the breeding ground of most technology companies now occupy the entire the Silicon Valley.

the Silicon Valley

Photography by Franco Folini

In this post we will find out where the garage where Apple and Facebook was created.

Garage of Steve Jobs: (más…)

Colca Canyon

domingo, febrero 20th, 2011

Today we embark on a virtual trip to the charming colonial city of Arequipa, the second largest city of Peru, this is located at 2,350 meters above sea level due to the canyon region and the immense Apus (mountains in Quechua it meant to the Inca civilization protection and respect).

Colca Canyon

Photography by nerdcoregirl

In our journey prune enter the Natural Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca, in the Colca Canyon (is 3.191m, is the second deepest canyon in the world after Cotahuasi, belonging also to the geography of Peru), where the far we can see the mysterious Ampato to 6,310 meters above sea level, famous for its crater was discovered in four of the eighteen mummies of children placed in sacrifice to the mountains in the Inca empire. (más…)

Collserola, the green heart of Barcelona

domingo, febrero 6th, 2011

One of the features that most interest of Barcelona is its location between mountains and sea. In half an hour can move from one of the city’s beaches to see it from the top of one of the mountains that surround it. Collserola is one of the balconies of privilege over the city.

Collserola, the green heart of Barcelona

Photography by Sky’s

Geography and around the park:

Collserola Park is one of the largest expanses of green and close to the city. This is presented with more than 6,500 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation where you can stroll and enjoy the air, something more pure through this area, walk to town. These hills surrounding Barcelona, we offer many attractions to spend a day trip if you’re sightseeing in Barcelona, and for those living in the city, this is a recreational area, where the roads are filled with people walking, done routes or bike paths runs over the sunny weekend. (más…)

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