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The sexiest islands to escape civilization

miércoles, enero 19th, 2011

The sexiest islands to escape civilization

Who has not dreamed of (or more than one) to be lost on a desert island?

The sexiest islands

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The truth is that heaven is represented as a small grove of white sand, surrounded by a turquoise sea and a few palm trees to relax in the shade. But this paradise to castaway is usually not enough, we are so accustomed to the activity, the hustle and the need for us to serve leisure and entertainment, most requested that the islands are often those that combine this idyllic picture postcard with a wealth of pleasures and amusements at your disposal. (más…)

Cadiz Beaches

sábado, diciembre 18th, 2010

La Costa in the province of Cadiz is also known as Costa de la Luz, in its scope, the number of days of sunshine you have and that is grown, but perhaps also by the little shadow that make the skyscrapers in the front line because almost none. It is a stronghold on the Mediterranean coast paved the peninsula, 200 km of fine golden sand even with a point of virginity which gives a very authentic and friendly character.

Cadiz Beaches

Photography by mikebaird

The proximity of nature and the countryside in the Mediterranean beaches of the peninsula is becoming a scarce commodity, which can be enjoyed only in places inaccessible really. In contrast, Cadiz is hard to choose between the beaches and coves. Bologna undoubtedly arises almost inadvertently, as a marvel of dunes that die in the rural landscapes of Cadiz on one side and the other in the waters of the Atlantic, which are not always all warm and calm that one would like. This is also perhaps one of its charms, especially for the thousands of tourists making pilgrimages to the coast of Tarifa, Cadiz in general, looking for the big wave. Of course, there Cadiz, overcrowded urban beaches. (más…)

The beach Malmö Sweden

lunes, octubre 18th, 2010

During the past 50 years Spain has been to Europe beach destination par excellence. It still is, although stiff competition from countries such as Croatia is getting complicated that position. Therefore, as beach tourism leaders are used to seeing French, German, English and Italian splashing in the warm waters of our Mediterranean coast. And Swedes, among other nationalities.

The beach Malmö - Sweden

Photography by hildgrim

What I propose today is a getaway like «the world upside down» for it will take a low-cost flight and go out for a swim at the beaches of Malmö, which is the third largest city and capital of southern Sweden. (más…)

Undiscovered beaches in Spain

viernes, septiembre 3rd, 2010

Not enough to have sand and sea. Sometimes factors such as the beauty of the landscape, the hospitality of the locals, the degree of overcrowding towels or food quality are critical for a vacation end up being a success or a failure.

Undiscovered beaches in Spain

Photography by LindaH

In our recommendations section, many readers have been encouraged to share their experiences with the summer traveling in various parts of the Spanish coast. Andalusia, the Basque Country and Galicia are among the regions, according to our readers, we visit each other or themselves.

These are the undiscovered beaches we recommend: (más…)

10 places to swim slowly off the coast of La Vila Joiosa

miércoles, agosto 25th, 2010

The 15 miles of coast from La Vila Joiosa go far. One-fifth of its length consists of a succession of mixed sand beaches suitable for bathing. This town is just ten kilometers from Benidorm and is the administrative capital of the Marina Baixa region of Alicante. His collection of small coves and sandy beaches make it the antidote to the massive assistance from the beaches of Benidorm.

10 places to swim slowly off the coast of La Vila Joiosa

Photography by po.psi.que

Worth discovering the back of Benidorm beach en route, but another of the recommended leading to own La Vila Joiosa to witness, in the afternoon, arrival at the dock more than 30 trawlers of local fishermen. You can attend the auction of fish after the download, especially if people can not buy. (más…)

French Riviera: the glamorous resort Gallo

domingo, agosto 8th, 2010

Already you are in France and did the typical tourist route that will give travel agents? It’s time to escape the daily routine of city dwellers travel through the country Gallo and see one of the loveliest places like the glamorous Riviera.

French Riviera: the glamorous resort Gallo

Photography by MPD01605

One place that offers the most fabulous beaches is located in the ever -Nice Riviera tourist or French Riviera, close to Italy. Besides being a very historic city, Nice is visited by thousands of tourists seeking the warm sun of the Mediterranean coast paradise. That is why this place is considered the second most visited area of the country, of course, after its capital Paris. (más…)

Tourist destinations in the Greek Isles – Part II

lunes, agosto 2nd, 2010

The Greek islands can be visited in many ways, by sea, conventional cruise at up to ten passenger boats and luxury yachts, by air (landing at Athens) and taking the opportunity to rent a car to take a ferry. The five most popular islands in terms of the number of tourists who visit annually are Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu.

Town and caldera, Santorin

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Cyclades Islands: from the comfort of Kea to the lively Mykonos, sandy beaches of Milos or cornice volcanic Santorini, the Cyclades offer a score of options navigator. (más…)

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