Best beaches in Sicily

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Best beaches in Sicily: Alternative Travel in the Mediterranean

Going on a trip through Sicily in summer implies enjoy its beaches, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean that claims to be. Here, we present the beaches where you can go route for Sicily this summer. Some are clearly among the best on the island, others believe that it and explain why, so hopefully I can help you choose which beaches to visit in your future trip to Sicily.

Alternative Travel in the Mediterranean

Photography by dottorpeni

Castellammare del Golfo beach:

Located in northwest Sicily, Castellammare del Golfo is accessible from Trapani and Palermo. The beach is huge, mass tourism, mostly Italian. The beach covers very little and the sand is very fine, warm water. It reminded me slightly to the beach of Peniscola Castellon. The atmosphere is noisy, both the amount of people there as the disco music that is heard across the beach (at least in the areas where we were). So the environment is noisy and crowded, but it is a beach where we were fine.

There are bars everywhere, where you can eat fast and cheap (salads, pizza slices of all kinds, fruit and ice cream). Tumbunas can be rented at a rate of 12 € a day. There are also shower and changing service for 1 € each 2 minute shower, very practical. You can park next to the beach, and not expensive: 3 € for a full day, private car parks.

We went to the beach of Castellammare del Golfo by being close to Trapani, and arrived just after visiting the impressive ruins of Segesta. We swim at the beach, ate at one of his bars, and then headed towards our next stop, Selinunte. Although it is not anything spectacular, the beach we liked.

Selinunte Beach:

Whenever we read about Selinunte is key visit spectacular Doric temples more than 2,500 years old. And it is not surprising as Selinus was one of the most powerful Greek polis V century BC. Visiting temples and ancient acropolis not disappoint at all, but little is said of its beach. We did not know he was very near the temples, and were not on the beach, but we could photograph it from the Acropolis of Selinunte and as you can see, is a very small and quiet beach, one of those hard to find a full Sicily of crowded beaches to the flag.

It is amazing to see how the beach is ladito of Doric temples so impressive; rarely can a landscape be like. Set in the detail of Temple E in Selinunte, so close to the beach. History, culture and entertainment within walking distance.

Mondello beach:

In the north of Sicily, near Palermo, Mondello Beach is a favorite of Palermo, famous for its turquoise waters, gentle and clean. In the nineteenth century, gained popularity as the main resort of the island, in a very short time had built a resort and 300 lavish estates around her. And it became fashionable among the wealthy Sicilian.

Today the villages have been some almost abandoned, others restored, but nothing remains of the glitz and glamor of yesteryear. It has also survived an intricate system of wooden huts that populate most of the beach (which is in kilometers), with a system of fences and guarded entrances that complicate access to it.

We left the car in a relatively central free parking (on payment of the will to the omnipresent parking ‘volunteers’), and 10 minutes we were walking on the promenade of Mondello. We had to walk two miles in search of the area of parasols, no joke, going long and endless rows of wooden stalls, crowded with bathers.

The first impression of the beach of Mondello was nothing good. Mass tourism as we had not seen in Sicily and beach completely surrounded by fences, we found a Roman military camp more than anything else. There is no way to see the sea from outside the fence, so crowded and stands as is. And when we got to the area of parasols, the price seemed unfair: 10 € per person, up to 19h. € 5 if we entered after 14h. It was not 13h and saw no place to eat nearby, we were overwhelmed by the warmth, ambiance and the difficulties encountered, so I gave up.

Best beaches in Sicily

Photography by archer10 (Dennis)

Giardini Naxos beach:

Is this a peaceful and friendly people. You can see from the views of the sea in Taormina, Sicily is famous town to visit. The beach of Giardini Naxos is great, and is divided into bays by successive breakers. We will see boats, fishermen and bathers happily in a peaceful atmosphere. There are restoration along the extensive promenade, we offer lack of choice. Well priced. On the beach we could not bathe (we Giardini Naxos at seven in the evening), but there were still swimmers, some lying or water, others playing volleyball. We liked the atmosphere and stayed for dinner, it was a very pleasant evening.

If visiting Taormina stay with the desire to breathe a peaceful walk to sea, a good idea to go down to Giardini Naxos to spend the afternoon / evening. Furthermore, the town also boasts ancient ruins, not in vain Naxos was the first Greek settlement in Sicily, was founded a year before Syracuse, nothing less than the 736 BC-The archaeological site of Giardini Naxos shows the layout of the streets and houses of the former colony of Naxos, in addition to finding the existence of a sacred area and shrines. You can also see remains of megalithic walls that bordered the city.

Mascali beach:

We can accommodate a couple of days in a hotel in this small town in eastern Sicily. The idea is to spend the night in Taormina, but keep in mind that the prohibitive prices of the hotels we can force a few miles away to find a more affordable price. This beach is ideal for carrying children, definitely a good place for it.

Throughout this area there is no boardwalk itself, if not a busy road near the sea where the car parked Sicilians as best they can and they feel like it. The atmosphere is very quiet, the beach is clean. Please note if we are to stay for the area between Catania and Taormina.

Curiously, Mascali and the whole area between Catania and Messina are on the slopes of Mount Etna, and our stay in Mascali we witnessed a full-blown eruption. Very, very spectacular.

Cefalù beach:

Cefalù is a tourist town on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, and its beach is definitely the one we liked on Sicily. Water spotless, atmosphere in the entire town, Cefalu also enjoys one of the most beautiful pictures of the whole island to see the houses of their people reach the shore, and behind the Norman cathedral and finally the impressive Rocca, the whole makes it one of the best photos of Sicily.

Here you can eat on the seafront, in a restaurant with quality food and affordable prices. The beach facilities are top, chairs, changing tables, toilets, bars. We do not pay anything for sunbeds, although it was clear whether it was the norm or is that Mr. collector was on strike, or sleeping.

The beach is definitely the one we liked on Sicily

Photography by JorgeBRAZIL

But Cefalù not end once we’ve shaken the sand drying and the sea. Strolling through the old town is a pleasure, very caring and full of beautiful craft shops. Norman cathedral brings personality, and worth a visit. Most striking is the impressive Pantocrator in the apse, made with Byzantine mosaics and displays an unusual expression for the time (twelfth century) that was performed.

Bon voyage!

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