Barranquilla: Colombia’s Golden Gate

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Few cities in Colombia are so inspired with the possession of many musicians and Barranquilla. How to bypass the «bailao arrebatao» of its people, a wonderful city to visit in this city of South America.

Colombia Golden Gate

Photography by Naty Rive

Customs Building:

This is the cultural center for excellence in the Colombian Caribbean that was consolidated in the last century as the most diverse settlement of merchants and adventurers from Europe and the Middle East, that the merger became an icon of diversity and progress. Jews, Germans, Italians, English, Spanish, French, American, Lebanese, Turks, among others, made a city of Barranquilla in dialogue with the world, which took place over various currents, trends and cultural movements in art.

Such is the case of Arab heritage, which fortunately is enjoyed even today the falafes, tahini, pita bread or delicious kibbe, which can not be missed in a traditional Barranquilla.

Proof of this legacy is also that we have the Carnival of Barranquilla, the result of a triple heritage (European, African and American), in which the festivities brought by the Spanish intertwined with Aboriginal ceremonial and secular African rites, yielding a a single party in the world, which makes no distinction of race, age or social strata.


Photography by jujuly

Cultural Epicenter:

In Barranquilla history and culture itself are joined in a paragraph to form a wide range of possibilities, ranging from discovering how your body to move to music makes us listen a cumbia, a more native dances of Colombia to watch the Republican style architectural gems embedded in the neighborhood the meadow.

Barranquijazz missed is the considered the second most important music festival after Carnival, which occurs every September in which adorn the streets and cultural centers of the city with the best of Latin jazz.

The barranquillero exhale joy, his blood boils with passion for music and dance party that does not fail here and you can enjoy the best nightlife. The variety of entertainment is huge, with different atmospheres to suit all tastes: bars, nightclubs (crossover music, electronica, dance, reggaeton and all the vibrant melting pot of Caribbean rhythms).

Barranquilla has a taste:

Each year in the month of August, the best chefs in Colombia are a must in the capital of the Atlantic to translate the dishes for the most demanding palates, so that these flavors come together and consolidated into a cultural unity: the Caribbean. During three days you can feel the taste of their dishes barranquillano, or making it the epicenter of live shows, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and different events that are filed with the look and taste of thousands of people who marvel at the cuisine of this region.

Dishes such as pigeon pea stew, rice with coconut, sausage and seafood delicacies such as dried shrimp, share a stage with prestigious chefs. All this is to maintain respect for the gastronomic history!

Barranquilla Colombia Golden Gate

Photography by omma_0869

The fashion house:

Barranquilla is consolidated year after year as a hotbed of talented designers in the country, which project the Colombian Caribbean as a tourist and business destination, and also become the door of international fashion in Latin America.
The riches of the Atlantic:

Beautiful views of sea and river accompany the tourists during their tour of the department of the Atlantic, where visitors can enjoy ranches, crafts people and history, colonial churches and the oldest port in Colombia. Discover this and many more attractions!

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