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If you visit Barcelona you’d better go with the idea of going to visit a lot of places of interest: La Rambla, the Gothic, the Sagrada Familia and La Pedrera are just a sample of what you can see in Barcelona, plus all restaurants, museums, beaches and shops. So you know, wear comfortable shoes because visiting Barcelona means a plethora of sites.
This article is not intended as a guide to Barcelona, but a selection of some sites that you can not miss from the point of view of someone living in the city. One place is essential Rambla. Picturesque, crowded and very interesting, on the Rambla, where you will find stalls selling everything from orchids to be white ferrets, as well as street mimes who, although they have been decimated by a public ordinance, are still the main attraction of this walk of 2 miles long and goes from Plaza de Catalunya to the Columbus statue.

Next to the Rambla, we find the Gothic Quarter, located within an ancient Roman walls of which the most observant traveler can still see vestiges. It’s a neighborhood completely spellbinding. Narrow winding streets made of stone, historic buildings, incredible shopping and colorful characters are the signs of distinction in this neighborhood that gradually and with the Raval has become an area where we can appreciate cool urban art, museums observe the tricks of the many skaters who populate it (especially in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, or MACBA) Barcelona nightlife and live.

Another must-see is the Sagrada Familia, an expiatory temple that the famous architect Antoni Gaudi started building 126 years ago to take over from the previous architect (Francisco de Paula del Villar) and although still under construction, it is a work impressive. Nobody is indifferent when in front of the majesty and beauty of this modernist temple. Moreover, for a price ranging from € 9 to € 15, you can visit inside. And if you plan to stay to live in the city, this area is ideal to rent apartments Barcelona.

Finally, it must to visit the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya), located at the top of Montjuic and visible from the Plaza of Spain. The journey on foot from the plaza to the museum is very enjoyable, and this is where the world-famous fira Barcelona, which hosts massive conventions on topics ranging from mobile telephony to fashion (like the famous Bread & Butter). Just before the museum can stop at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic (Magic Fountain), which hosts shows of light and sound from 19:00 to 21:00 October to April (Friday and Saturday) and 20: 00 to 23:30 from May to September (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Bon Voyage!

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