Argentina to exploring the Atlantic coast

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Argentina has its Atlantic Coast with 1,200 km of beaches to choose from. Led by Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires resorts are very refreshed. From the popular San Clemente del Tuyu to the refined Cariló.

The Atlantic coast

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Sea, sand dunes, sun and forests: the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires is the preferred destination for Argentines when planning a vacation. Over 1,200 km of beaches, each tourist can find a spa for you.

The Secretariat of Tourism Buenos Aires announced as the «novelty of the season» The Summer Tour 2011 in Showbol, which will tour the beaches of the Atlantic Coast. Among other figures, will play former players like Sergio Goycochea, Fernando Redondo, Carlos Navarro Montoya and Ricardo Bochini.

Mar del Plata promoting his season as «The City of Stars,» with over a hundred shows in theaters. The main events in January will be the Fiesta Nacional del Mar, Gala Mar Zurich (free concert on 21 January in Playa Grande), and the Feast of the Fishermen. In February the Awards are given Starfish and Provincial Party takes place in Mar del Plata. Were remodeled the Punta Church, Paseo de las Americas and some spas.

The coast, with its relaxed atmosphere and family has attractions like Sea World unavoidable (San Clemente), fishing pier de Mar de Ajo, a replica of the caravel Santa Maria in Santa Teresita and the Labyrinth of the dolphins. Fridays will be held in several localities Tuyú Folk Festival, with free entry and Saturday performances will Catupecu Machu, Los Pericos, Los Cafres and La Mancha de Rolando. In February, Iñaki Urlezaga dances in the Dance Festival Mar.

Argentina has its Atlantic Coast

Photography by Juan Pedro Diez

Mar de las Pampas:

North of San Clemente del Tuyu worth visiting Punta Rasa Nature Reserve, where the Rio de la Plata flow into the Atlantic Ocean. In this book are housed thousands of migratory birds that stop on their long journey from the Northern Hemisphere. Close by, the Lighthouse of San Antonio invites you to come up with an elevator to the top to see the relief Samborombón Bay and a view of the nearby resorts. The spa complex Adventure Bay Marine Park is unique in the country for its medicinal waters coming from the ocean.

From the Technical Department of the Directorate of Tourism Pinamar, Marcela Goyeneche announces «new deals on accommodation, dining and recreation increases 15 to 20% on rentals of houses and 15 to 25% on accommodation, compared to January 2010. The inns and spas fashion will UFO Point, The Sign, Afterlife and CR. The season will open in early January, with the Blessing of Water festival, fireworks and shows. Announcing the Jazz Festival at Sea Concert Season (Thursday Carilo) and a series of writers’ conferences.

A more quiet and family is in Pinamar is Ostende. El Viejo Hotel Ostende, sees the struggle of the Belgian pioneers against the dunes, and the passage of illustrious visitors such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Silvina Ocampo and Adolfo Bioy Casares who placed here his novel «Those who love, hate.» On the beach you can also see La Elenita, austere wooden hut that belonged to former President Arturo Frondizi, who stood with his hands in 1935.

Villa Gesell is the resort of choice for young people. The beaches and walks 3 and the Costanera Avenue join guided tours to the lighthouse Querandí, the Pinar del Norte, Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas.

Argentina to exploring the Atlantic coast

Photography by colas Mamberti

These are the recommended places to explore when you are on the Atlantic coast Argentina:

The Atlantic coast Argentina

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1. San Clemente del Tuyu:

It is the closest beach to the city of Buenos Aires (320 km). The Oceanarium Mundo Marino highlights shows orcas, dolphins and sea lions. You can also see a colony of penguins, see whales and dolphins swim and visit the House of Hippo. In addition, good beaches and fine fish restaurants downtown and harbor. Another miss is the brewery, teahouse and small European cakes Zurich.

2. Pinamar:

Pinamar is a garden city that has grown in the shade of trees on the sinuous relief of the dunes. The landscape blends the urban with the natural. In the central beaches resorts throb to the beat of music, sports tournaments, events and presentations from major brands. The area of virgin dunes, with dunes up to 30 m north of the city, is an unforgettable ride on the move or on foot. A very wide range of sporting activities including 4×4 tours, cycling routes, horseback riding, sand boarding, windsurfing and golf on a golf 18 holes.

3. Ostend:

The wide beaches resort was created by the Belgian pioneers Agustin Fernando Poli Robette and early twentieth century. The design preserves diagonal avenues and a central avenue that ends in a semicircle in the beach area. By the time the call is kept Rambla of the Belgians, the Maison Robette (built by one of pioneers) and the Old Hotel Ostende.

4. Cariló:

Surrounded by a forest of pine and eucalyptus, Cariló is the most exclusive beach of the coast of Argentina. His strict architectural codes able to harmonize the homes and businesses with exceptional scenery. The beaches look rugged, three spas and a hostel. Although it has no nightlife, Cariló is suitable for sports, a golf course with 18 holes and an equestrian center. The cuisine including Japanese, German, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Cariló has a shopping center with fine architecture, in harmony with nature.

5. Villa Gesell:

A classic for families and youth groups looking for fun. In addition to the walks along the Costanera Avenue 3 and an unforgettable ride that runs the Cultural and Forest Reserve Pinar del Norte, where the story begins in the hands of Villa Carlos Gesell, who managed to tame the dunes area. In addition to the walk through eucalyptus, acacia and pines, here you can visit the Museum established the first house of founder, gates, oriented toward the four cardinal points, to circumvent the wind and sand. Close by you can also visit the Museum of the Pioneers, the nursery and the second house of Carlos Gesell, who works as a cultural center. Another walking tour is recommended 4×4 or tricycles to Faro Querandí Nature Reserve.

Argentina to exploring

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6. Mar del Plata:

While La Perla, Bristol, Church Point, Playa Grande and the resorts of Punta Mogotes remain valid, quieter beaches and forested succeed south Chapadmalal way. A classic walking along the Rambla, the Casino, the harbor and the lighthouse of Punta Mogotes in the resort city’s most important country adds a visit to the Quarter Backs, whose European-style mansions of the late nineteenth century led to the reputation as «The Biarritz Argentina.» The circuit through the Cultural Centre Villa Victoria Ocampo, the Municipal Historical Museum Archives Villa Mitre House trunks gave rise to the neighborhood and the streets Alem and Guemes, in restaurants, shops, bars and nightlife. You can also tour the circuit that includes Stella Maris Torreón del Monje, some picturesque villages of the century, the Castagnino Museum, the Museum of Sea and Guemes Street with its restaurants, bars and shops of top brands. Nature lovers will also enjoy the forest Peralta Ramos and Laguna and Sierra de los Padres. With clubs and pubs, night waiting for proposals on Constitution Avenue.

7. Miramar:

A 45 km de Mar del Plata, streets and avenues of Miramar are designed for children to be protagonists. Spas center, among which are July 9, Morena and Waikiki beach, invite families to settle early to enjoy the sun. The quieter beaches are in Southern Border, very suitable for sandboarding. You can not miss a walk through the nursery Dune Ameghino, with over 500 hectares of pine and eucalyptus trees, hiking trails, horse riding and cooking.

8. Necochea:

Comprehensive service, wide beaches and Lillo Park, ideal for exploring on foot, horseback, bicycle or train in the park. In the park are the Swan Lake, the Amphitheatre and the Museum of History, in a family house Díaz Vélez. Neighbouring Quequén the lighthouse, beaches and port. It’s worth knowing the wild beaches and huge dunes of Costa Bonita, and take a 4×4 excursion to the sites in the south, crossed by sand dunes, shipwrecks and cliffs.


Photography by Ojota

9. Claromecó:

Spas of Tres Arroyos (Claromecó, Reta and Orense) are ideal for travelers seeking tranquility. Claromecó is the most visited, with its expansive beaches and good fishing. The landscape combines sea, forests, lakes, rivers, streams and fields. You can visit the lighthouse in 1922, forests and lakes in the Forest Station and the shores of the creek Claromecó with native fauna and seven waterfalls.

10. Monte Hermoso:

Warm waters, one of the few beaches in the country where you can see sunrise and sunset. To visit the lighthouse centennial Landfall (1906), the Naval Museum and the Sauce Grande lagoon and spa, to stoves, water sports and bird watching. A tour comes to the archeological The footrests (6 km from the city), where they found human footprints of 7000 years old.

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