Agadez – The archaeological city of Niger

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If you are planning a trip to the city of Agadez, the African country of Niger, one can opt for a Travel Guide, which offers information on various aspects of the African city. Agadez is famous for its archaeological sites and its Mountains; Agadez is one of the popular tourist destinations in Niger to be included in the tour itinerary of travelers.

Agadez is located at International Airport Agadez. Agadez is an important city in this country. Agadez airport is also known as «La Mano Dayak International Airport.»

The runway at the international airport of Mano Dayak in Agadez is made of asphalt. The elevation is one thousand six hundred and fifty-seven feet. The body of the airport operator of Agadez is the civilian government. Operating time at the airport of Agadez is 05:30 to 17:30 hours.

The Mano Dayak International Airport at Agadez is well equipped and has facilities for the landing of foreign long-haul and domestic flights. Agadez flights are available regularly from various corners of the world.

There are several flights from Europe to the city of Agadez in Niger. You will receive direct flights from Paris, France. You’ll also find constant traffic of passengers from various destinations in Africa, Tripoli, Casablanca and many more.

The Mano Dayak International Airport at Agadez, is only 4 km from the city center. This makes for passengers traveling flights are very easy and convenient. Transportation is also easily accessible from the airport to the city of Agadez.

Hotels in Agadez:
Agadez hotels meet the accommodation needs of travelers who visit the city at regular intervals, or once in a lifetime. While one can make planning your holiday in the African country of Niger, one can not miss the opportunity to visit the city of Agadez, in your itinerary. Located along the northern district of Niger, today the city is a destination and you travel frequently. There has been an increase in the total number of hotels in Agadez with the growth of tourism in the area.

Hotels in Agadez were among the best accommodation facilities in the country of Niger. Being a destination for travelers backpack, hotels of a reasonable price in order to provide comfortable accommodation in Agadez. Most of the accommodation facilities in Agadez, offer a minimum of basic services such as restrooms and telephones that are needed for a short stay.

One of the prominent hotels in Agadez is the l’Auberge d’Azel. It offers good food and air-conditioned rooms, the hotel is one of the best in the region and lets you enjoy the desert during their stay here. Apart Hotel l’Auberge d’Azel, there are also other options that will make the journey to Agadez a relaxing experience.

Hotel Etoile du Ténéré, is another popular lodging facility that extends to 2 acres of sand around. Comfort and convenience are top priorities, and hotel guests will certainly have a wonderful time to be here at the Etoile du Ténéré in Agadez.

Tourist Attractions in Agadez:

Mosque of Agadez
The Mosque of Agadez, the structure is more striking in Agadez, the city’s 14th century in Niger. Agadez is the city that consists essentially of the major markets in the country. It is also the largest city of Niger. Agadez is the site that once marked the state of Tuereg Sultnate, most probably during the 15th century. So there are several historic buildings scattered here and there in the city. The Mosque of Agadez is one structure and one of the most notable tourist attractions in Agadez.

Agadez Sultan’s Palace

The palace of the sultan, in Agadez is one of the major tourist attractions in Agadez. This city has a rich past. This city is quite populated in Niger. Agadez is also an important city of Tuareg. It is an important commercial city, there are several points here. While in this city of Niger can also go shopping and buy different items for yourself or as gifts for family and friends. You can also go on excursions to various attractions in this city of Niger.

Agadez is a fascinating city of Niger.

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