5 things to avoid in Thailand

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Thailand is the country safer and kind in Southeast Asia and probably also one of the safest in the world. Even if you’re a tourist just arrived, lost in the bustle of Bangkok, you will not feel in danger at any time.

5 things to avoid in Thailand

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Culture and especially the understanding of Thai life, is based on Buddhist principles, create a climate of tranquility and friendliness to visitors, it is hard not to feel at home within a few days.

Usually, if you greet a Thai perhaps to draw attention to their business, the call will not go there, nothing to do with the harassment of tourists in countries like Egypt. For Thai, just a greeting and a smile, but it is in your hand the choice of which restaurant, local massage or what boatman choose. Still, sometimes you have to be cautious, especially in Bangkok, it is advisable to protect our belongings in large crowds and also take into account some aspects that will help you make the most of your trip.

Please note:

1. Around the Royal Palace in Bangkok swirling crowd of tuk-tuk drivers and tour guides assumptions by all means try to get you as a client to make a circuit of monuments and a few jewelry stores and tailored suits, of which charge to bring potential customers.


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Do not believe them if you say you can not enter the palace because the clothes you wear. It is true that there are strict rules regarding dress, is forbidden to enter in shorts and suspenders, and is much better if you already have in mind when you go to visit, but you can use if you wear a scarf opaque layers or borrow you will leave the palace entrance for cover.

Thailand is a friendly, but there’s always another crook. They do it so well that you will feel flattered and nothing violent. Usually some of these deceptive tours only cost you half a euro, and even lose a bit of time visiting stores that do not interest you, if you fall into the deception, do not get angry and take it as a trip to see the city.

2. Beware the spicy. What in Thailand is not very spicy, for a Westerner means that the tears will fall until you get used to the palate and leave feeling full. In almost all tourist attractions letters shown in English «spicy, medium, or not spicy», but sure to go sign up how to say no spicy Thai: Mai Ped (phonetic translation).

3. If you go by bike with a Thai can be an experience of risk. Not that I do not recommend it, I can pass very well, but keep in mind that the way of driving has nothing to do with Europe. Nor do they wear helmets and 3 adults on a motorcycle and 5 if children. Funny, but dangerous.

4. Do not be angry haggling. The Thai rarely get angry at the West and also discuss how to raise the tone. People are smiling, and if they get too nervous laugh. So, keep in mind that if you are haggling at a flea market and begin to raise the tone, your partner may laugh, but the nerves, is not laughing at you.

Travel Advice for Thailand

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To bargain, especially a lot of patience and be nice, they also may be and in most cases will come to a good understanding.

5. If a guide in Bangkok wants to take you to the TAT, telling you which is the Tourism Authority of Thailand office, do not believe. Actually takes you to a travel agency affiliated with the TAT. It can be very useful to make some reservations for hotels or trains, but keep in mind that they will be charged the fee and maybe a little more. Of course, you’ll have a good time, give you tea and you will spend all the time you need.

Other customs and rogueries the discover for yourself. Enjoy the journey!

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