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Now you can start making marketing and purchase advertising as a banner on the web Villa de Ayora.

Want to know your online portal?.

You will if you want your blog or website has many more visits.

Let everyone see your brand of your company in the barnner.

Our site of Villa de Ayora is visited by over 10,000 visitors a day.

Selling your product and get more benefits.

These are the data needed to encourage you to rent a space for advertisements, why we believe that is a big opportunity and may be a good way to publicize your company and sales in the business on the Internet.

You should be aware that the banners are placed in Villa de Ayora. is and. com, also within the content of blogs in Spanish and English, on all internal pages where you can make very good advertising, if you want to do now mark you have a space in our portal and continue to grow each month, you can try one and see the results, but we recommend that you hire a year.

These are the advertising options on our website:

Banner 125 x 125 (QTY: 5 - AVAILABLE: 5)

- Price: 200 Euros (Mes/31 days)

- Location: Part of the sidebar on the right.

- Supported file formats:. PNG,. GIF and. JPG.

- Type of link: nofollow.

- NOTE: Banners are non-rotary.

* The payment method is Bank Transfer or deposit account. Minino limited time, three months banner 125x125. Offer a year's time, banner 125x125 20% discount.

If you want your advertising in Villa de Ayora just send me a message using the contact form with the subject 'Advertise' or send me a message also to the following email with the subject 'Advertising': Jose (at)

This offer will last until a new change of banner or a space, significantly raise the amount of traffic, unless the agreements already closed at that time, which will be respected.

Some facts about Villa de Ayora:

- Page views about 350,000 months

- Visits month around 180,000

- 40% of traffic is returning visitors.

- We continue to grow every month.

- Among the 10 most influential websites in Spain by terms such as rural tourism, rural houses and rural accommodations in Valencia.

- We are on social networks such as Twitter, Xing group on Facebook.

- The Banner will be published on the website Villa de Ayora in Spanish and English, also in other languages and in the blog so you can receive as much publicity and visits to your company or portal.

I forgot: Priority will be those companies that have been announced in Villa de Ayora and respected recruitment time so that before the end we will contact them again if they want to renew and continue posting your banner on our website and blog.

The banner management applications enables companies to attract customers and create a known brand with high reputation today, Internet advertising is the cheapest compared to other ads.

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