Yangshuo – Guilin Paradise

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Yangshuo is a small town near Guilin, in Guangxi province in China. The visitor to this area will be captivated by the lush hills and peaks that surround this paradise between the Li and Yulong rivers. A show that a tourist in China can not lose no doubt.


Photography by Bernt Rostad

The town of Yangshuo is on the banks of the Li and Yulong River, surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks and spectacular. This population is very popular among backpackers (backpacking) around the world who visit China also recently begun to receive national tourism. Yangshuo is the central point to visit all the sites near the village, so we recommend visitors to reserve three days in Yangshuo to enjoy the area. Here you can enjoy biking, hiking, river rafting or caving, among many other activities.

Yangshuo Activities:

Yangshuo is a small city, but to better understand their surroundings, we suggest you rent a bike (mountain bike for 1 € per day (price of 2007) and an official guide to get to know the area. The ideal is to take us do bamboo rafting canoes (3 hours of rafting between 5 and 20 €) and you pick up the bike at the end of the rafting (rafting company will carry bikes at the end of the activity).

Yangshuo of the activity

Photography by mariachily

In Yangshuo can find many people who offered to guide tours all around the outskirts of Yangshuo. Optionally you can rent mountain bikes, a ride of one hour to reach the shores of a river and then go rafting, take the bike back, eat, climb the mountain of the moon and eventually cycling back to Yangshuo. This is an ideal route to when you’re in this small town, but big on attractions.

The bike ride is nice, but it is very hot if you come in summer so take a hat and water to cool. The rafting is highly recommended by the beauty of the sites can be found on the trail. All the boats plying the river that will carry a boatman rowing as there is little current due to the construction of many small dams. The fun of rafting are the times when it comes to the «mini dams» and not enough water to skip them. So we must forcibly in that stretch out ways to continue browsing.

The Moon Hill is 8 km from Yangshuo, therefore I expected a nice bike ride with a guide to Yangshuo, feel free to pass through the paths between the fields to see new sights. We crossed several rice fields, villages and flocks of ducks crossing the road safely on their way to a restaurant.

The next day, you can visit the black Buddha caves and the caves of water. In these caves you will see spectacular stalactites and stalagmites as well as swimming in mud. We recommend that you rent a bicycle to get there, because the walk can be long. At night, a perfect plan is to enjoy the spectacle that is represented in the river at dusk. It’s a bit expensive, but very nice. If booked in advance.

If you still feel like boating on the river, you can book a trip to Guilin, and down the river on a barge. On this tour you can relax with very scenic spots. As a curiosity, do not forget to look out on tickets for 5 Yuan, in them you can see some of these landscapes. This tour must be booked in advance.

If you continue to visit beautiful places and I like the bike, think no more, the rice terraces near Yangshuo there is a unique spectacle. The rice terraces Dragon’s Backbone (3 €) have a different beauty as at the time of year you visit, if there is rice planted, if the terraces are flooded with water, if you are picking up the rice, if you plant … please to climb the mountain in front to see the whole panorama.

Yangshuo - Guilin Paradise

Photography by mariachily

How to get to Yangshuo?

By airplane you can fly to Guilin airport and then take a bus from Guilin (7 €, 1 hour drive).
From Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou to travel between 6 and 12 hours with prices from 10 €, depending on the category of buses that travel.

Yangshuo Tips:

If you arrive in Yangshuo at daybreak and bus will be waiting to give you room. Be accompanied, but must bargain price of the room. Remember that you must leave 100 Yuan (minimum) as a deposit for the key.

– To search room is advisable to go to the street and ask Li River in those hotels, because the main streets are very noisy at night. In a room on the Li River Street offers tranquility, you will have spectacular views from your balcony. Room prices vary seasonally between 10 and 20 € a room with bathroom.

– Ask permission to take photos as there are people who will ask money for make pictures with them.
If you do not want (or not find) an official guide to get to go rafting down the river, ask a guy on a motorcycle if you can guide you there for a few yuan.

– In the Moon Hill, near village women accompany them to sell their drinks, postage, etc. do not hesitate to let join us, have found that they sell drinks and maybe we need them.

– You can make balloon flights at dawn and dusk. If you want to live a different experience, feel free to ask any official guidance.

Yangshuo, a journey full of adventures await you in China!

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