Winter Fun in Finland

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Winter Fun in Finland

If you are lucky enough to spend a winter in Finland, you will see the entire floor is covered completely by a thick layer of white snow. When you poke your nose through the door of his residence, get a breath of pure mountain air imaginable, which will fill you with energy to live a wonderful day, one of the few places left in the world who have Wonderful surroundings to offer.

Finland Ice Marathon

Photography by J_Makk

Finland is a country that over the years, is preparing to spend the winter, no doubt, and although it might sound strange, the favorite time of most Finns, because it is a time that can perform a host sports and recreational activities related to snow and ice.

During the coldest months of the year, resorts are overflowing, everything is full of tourists who show great courage, and hope that come relax, have fun and spend a beautiful time with family or friends in a place that has to offer plenty of activities for your leisure.

Without doubt the most requested activity for visitors is skiing Finland, so the country can meet a lot of tracks to that activity, it also performs much ice skating in the great lakes that are covered by a thick layer of ice.

Finally, Finland is an ideal place to visit in winter, because we offer fun and entertainment at all times, we can do winter sports, excursions to the wonderful countryside of the place, and trips to places you only see in documentaries.

Finland ice restaurant at snow castle

Photography by ezioman

Facilities sleeping snow and ice in Finland:

Several television news and news talk lately of the Castles & Hotels made with a subject a bit special: The Ice.

But a search on the net we find that architecture, but especially the ice sculpture is quite common in that area in Finland. The peculiarity of these installations made with Ice and Snow is to be renewed every season.

As we discussed from VisitaFinlandia to perform such constructions need to be at a constant temperature of less than ten degrees below zero to be built. Imagine that cold! But it is amazing the beauty of the rooms, the lounges throughout the complex …

The trick to avoid spending excessive cold is to sleep in a special sleeping bags thanks to reindeer skins. As usual you have to be very warm, but according to people who have been, you can be quiet.

We present four plants produced in this way and you’ll find in Finland:

The Kemi Snow Castle: A castle of ice and snow where you have several rooms, including a suite for the night.
Lainie Snow Hotel: Near the ski slopes and Levi Ylläs. Ideal for those who like to play golf and sleep in step one of these hotels.

Lainio Ice Hotel

Photography by Magic Foundry

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen: As in Spain we can find houses, or houses cave in Finland you can sleep in this village of igloos.

Harriniva: Apparently this happens to be the finest. Betting on the quiet, family atmosphere, and of course … The cold.

Enjoy the magic of Finland!

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