Wine tourism in Europe, for wine lovers and trekking

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Today it is a holiday in another way, differently looking for alternatives for our body, soul and mind to regenerate with relaxation, culture, activity, nature…

All programming is Magical Routes in this direction and now, as a novelty, we also incorporate, wine tourism, which increasingly has more followers prepared to undertake this type of travel and allows an approach to nature. Means that wine tourism and wine tourism whose focus is the wine culture that works to promote and manage the wealth of a particular wine zone, giving firsthand the fans in the world of wine production process and Details of wineries and vineyards through guided tours, castes and wine tasting, wine or accommodation areas to buy the best examples right there at good prices. This type of tourism is designed for lovers of the “broth”, but also for those who enjoy the countryside and all its components from the peace and good living until we breathe daily in the countryside and in the holds.

Walking is long regarded as one of the most effective activities for health. Walking helps to escape from the daily grind, so fast and stressful today, ranging from the pleasure of walking calmly accompanied by beautiful landscapes to any experience of adventure in nature, the important thing is that the experience is safe, fun and unforgettable.

Magical Routes goes a little further and proposes uniting wine tourism with tourism assets through programs in different natural regions of Europe and wine for wine lovers and trekking (which are few) can enjoy a holiday as, traveling on foot for several days wine areas, staying in small hotels with charm of the region and tasting the local cuisine, not to mention visits to vineyards, wineries and museums, or tastings and wine tasting.

A lot of people are given a mountain to have to organize such a trip abroad, so Magical Routes offers all its experience in planning and logistics of the trip, a carefully prepared route largely releases the stress of having to organize a trip. You just walk and enjoy taking care of the rest is up to us. Oh, and without having to worry about the luggage, we moved from hotel to hotel so you do not have to dispense with any comfort.

Discover “other” wine tourism vacation through active!

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