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Whitechapel High Street July 1977 - rescanned por Danny McL.

Whitechapel is a London district whose heart is in Whitechapel High Street. Among the century. XVII and XIX its population grew by the arrival of people from the countryside. Around 1840, this impoverished area of London was terrorized by the murders of Jack the Ripper “in Spanish castizo, Jack” the Ripper “, a pseudonym for a murderer and his crimes that announced in the newspapers. The victims were women, mostly prostitutes and murder being perpetrated in places not particularly obscure. I will not say anything about the procedure butcher who delighted, but the legends surrounding this murderer to think that should be a physician, surgeon, or just that, a butcher. So today, I was scared to death inside the fog of London, following the trail of Jack, Whitechapel High Street …

Whitechapel is approximately 5.5 km from Charing Cross and is bounded by the Bishopsgate st west, Hanbury Street and North Brady Street and Cavell in the east. Today, my dear Jack, this area is immersed in various urban projects that will not be completed until 2015 but that likely means a radical restructuring that will attract more companies and businesses.

The Tower Bridge Exhibition (Exhibition Tower Bridge). This bridge is located on the River Thames since 1894. From there you will have unbelievable views over the city and explore its history, and access to the halls of Victorian machinery that will let you know the ingenious technology that sets in motion the machinery of the bridge.

The London Pass allows me to use the Red River Rover post of City Cruises and cruise in and out if I want to see some monument or a beer in those lovely terraces bordering the Thames. For your peace of mind, these boats have every comfort, are of high quality, with panoramic windows and, of course, with easy access for people in wheelchairs or with difficulty in movement. Since this cruise we can see many things! Of course, the Tower of London and London Bridge which we already know, the St. Paul’s Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Modern Tate Modern museum, which incidentally, I think is run by a Spanish, you will see, for Of course, the London Eye, you know, the huge Ferris wheel of the new millennium, Westminster Abbey and, of course, Big Ben, London icons in any way you can miss. Ah, I forget the most important! The boats depart daily from the following docks: Tower Pier, Greenwich Pier, Westminster Pier and Waterloo Pier.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is one of the great British emblems. Built between 1675 and 1710 by Sir Christopher Wren, stands majestically on St Paul’s Churchyard and its dome dominates London. The Golden Gallery, which you can access if you have the courage to climb its 530 steps, you will get an incredible view of the whole city.  You cannot leave London without giving you a tour of the West End. London has more than 140 works representing theaters, musicals, operas and dance is a wonderful leisure opportunities. With the London Pass will get reduced prices for many of them. And then, you know, a foamy Guinness in every pub in the area.

St Paul's por Philipp Klinger.

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