When and where to go shopping in New York?

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New York is a shopper’s paradise, but in the weeks before Christmas when the consumerist fever becomes a distinguishing feature of the Big Apple. Credit cards, thousands of people crowding the streets and malls, turn the city into a real bustle of commercial activity.

New York is a shopper's paradise

Photography by _rockinfree

The variety is one of the best qualities in New York, not only can you buy a lot, but all brands, styles and prices have a place in the city of skyscrapers, even they say that you can not find in New York is that does not exist. Another advantage is that the dollar is below the euro and for those traveling from Europe not only can get real bargains, but also it is cheaper to change.

Do not forget that the prices must be added 8% (approximately) in taxes, although in some periods, between July and August and before Christmas, rates rise in clothing.

In each neighborhood you can clearly identify a style, if Chelsea has a reputation for cool, East Village has an air of bohemian or Fifth Avenue concentrate the best designers, is at the mall by Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s where you can got real bargains they even advertised in newspapers.

shopping in New York

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On the island of Manhattan are concentrated some malls like South Street Seaport, near the East River pier. Another popular shopping center is the Manhattan Mall in front near the Empire State Macy’ay on Sixth Street and Avenida 33. For more exclusive, it is also interesting to Trump Towers, at 725 Fifth Avenue.

In the Times Square area are concentrated many stores for tourists and it is advisable to avoid them, because they are characterized by low product quality. To not repent then it is better to explore the less touristy areas and buy where they do the real New Yorkers.

Shopping as a movie star:

The fame of glamorous New York has been created through movies and series like Sex in The City, although not exactly fit the daily reality of the city, because in general, women prefer the Big Apple more comfortable clothes, if it is true that they have their little plot and if anyone wants to be a treat in a big way, there are personal shoppers who can advise on styles that best fit your figure.

But as not all shopping, if you stay at a hotel in New York you can not miss the cultural activity in museums and art galleries, or stop tour some of the most filmed in cinema history. This is a good guide to New York to plan your stay.

When and where to go shopping in New York?

Photography by Phillie Casablanca


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