Visit Santa Claus Village in Lapland

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Visit Santa Claus Village in Lapland

Beyond the countless stories created and repeated on Christmas, his world of fantasy and magical characters, it is a fact and verifiable, there is a Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland. The same could be defined as a theme park, which aims to entertain, educate and feed the imagination of children. The Villa is a hit worldwide and receives millions of people throughout the year, who seek to know and feel about the story of Santa.

According to legend, Santa Claus, was first seen in the late 20 ‘, near the border between Finland and Russia in the North Pole, where would your home.

So it was decided to establish the Villa on a huge field, which is located two miles from Rovaniemi Airport and has several attractions such as:
Christmas Exhibition: This is a presentation that traces the history of Christmas both in Finland and in the rest of the world, ways of celebrating, customs, games, and the changes that have developed over time. There are also hotels like the Clarion Hotel Santa Claus Rovaniemi.

Christmas House:

One of the latest developments in the park and is presented as a rather special home that keeps inside, stories, gifts and a restaurant.

Santa Claus Office:

That’s where the letters come to Santa and mail from children asking where their coveted gifts and Santa organizes his travels around the world. There inside, a file that collects photos of all visitors to the office, looking to give your best smile.

Post Office:

This is real post offices, which operates within the town and open to the public from 9 to 19 hours.


Built by a famous architect, Santamus is an amazing restaurant that recreates a natural environment with the fall of a stream, pond and wood burning. There you can enjoy typical local dishes, sauna, entertainment and live music.

Snowboard Park:

At this site children can access small snowmobiles and make some tours or safaris, of course with adult supervision and professional.

Gift Shops and products of Lapland: the case of several souvenir shops and typical local products such as handicrafts, handbags, pottery, leather and ceramic creations.

You can reach the park by car, by rail or through Rovaniemi bus line in the area. In 2007 the park received an international award and was declared as one of the most visited destinations in Finland, since it receives visitors from India, UK, France and China.

But not all about Santa Claus, the Villa is coincidentally one of the places where you can cross the Arctic Circle, ie, the imaginary line that divides the one hand the Arctic and on the other, the North Temperate Zone.

The creators of the Villa, also carry on a television project, whose star, of course, Santa Claus, who can be seen through an online exclusive online channel.

Not surprising production giant Villa dedicated to Santa, who continues to deliver not only gifts but also joy, children and less children around the world.

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