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Some tourists often have difficulties when diplomatic move by the world. Still, it is necessary to check the entry requirements of our destination in time. The management of the visa is a necessary formality that we can not overlook when planning our trip.

Tickets, luggage, hotel, currency, passport … and in many places, including the visa. When preparing our trip abroad is not enough to book a room and see if weather will be fine. We must also consider well in advance what documents will be needed, which is essential if we are to have problems last minute to enter our destination. Conventional travel agencies usually deal with this procedure or to properly inform their customers about the steps they must follow, but individual tourists or those who use financial companies especially will typically have to deal with this administration on their own.

Some places are particularly stringent requirements, but the fact is for example, tourists from the United States, Spain, Japan, just to name these countries can move through a large number of countries with little difficulty. Within the European Union, of course, you do not have any particular document when it is specifically talking about those countries. In other areas, the requirements vary.

Asia in general is one of the areas of most main requirements for the Spanish tourists. To enter China, for instance, must request a visa in person or by courier at the embassy or consulate. Rates vary between 25 and 58 euros, depending on the urgency with which it is processed. In the case of India, another frequent destination for independent travelers, the fees amount to 50 euros, although in this case it is allowed applications through the mail. Keep in mind that these steps normally require a minimum of one week, and the maximum stay allowed is variable, so it should begin well in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Rates from the embassy, on the other hand, are not particularly cheap, something to be reckoned in calculating the total cost of our trip.

Some parts of Asia, however, present no problems. This is the case in Japan, where it is necessary to apply for Spanish visas for traveling for a maximum period of 90 days provided that the purpose of travel is tourism, visiting relatives, business talks, attending conferences or other unpaid activities.

Neither does this document in Morocco, and Turkey will have to apply at the airport of arrival, with a passport at least three months validity from the date of entry and an additional 10 euros. The same usually occurs in countries that have no embassy in Spain, Tanzania. In other places the complications are much higher. Syria, for example, demand not only this process: people who have an Israeli visa in their passport are prohibited from entering, so the trip will be planned taking into account this inconvenience. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, even granting tourist visas. That is, in principle there is no access to the country without a work reason, commercial or similar. However, some travelers use the wrong way to achieve this goal.

The management is done personally visas at embassies or consulates, typically located in Barcelona or Madrid. Sometimes people do not live in these cities can submit applications through courier or registered mail. Travelers who wish may make this procedure in the hands of an agency. A good option is Transm. This company specializes in services to adoptive families of children abroad, it also provides the documents for tourists in areas where it works. Prices are cheap: 31 euros, for example in the case of China (excluding consular stamp), bearing in mind that the shipping fee includes the passport back by courier (about 15 euros).

In person or by proxy, each tourist can choose which option is best for you to get your visa requirements depending on the destination or situation. Should in any case, check as soon as possible the necessary arrangements. Embassies and consulates are always the most reliable source of information regarding legal proceedings, and always make sure that the legislation has not changed since our last visit to the country. Moreover, even in cases in which this document is not necessary or can be achieved quickly, is essential to consult other issues including the validity of passports or the possibilities of extending the stay. They are cumbersome, but essential to ensure an uneventful trip unpleasant bureaucratic.

You can meet current requirements, requesting information from the yellow pages, information on the consulates of the countries to travel.

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