Virgin Islands: trips, fishing and diving

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Fotography by Peter Shanks

A mixture of hiking and water sports can be made on an average day in the Virgin Islands, the destination of thousands of tourists each year are turning to this point of global world. As for water sports can be started snorkeling in the caves of Norman Island. When swimming in the four caves, up to 73 meters deep, theatrical vision leads us to the hidden treasures of pirate movies and large ships sunk at sea. Nearby, in Angelfish Reef, the waters are so clear that a diver can maintain visibility to 28 meters deep, a record. And if it is to enjoy the snorkel should be noted Guana Island, where the inner contact with turtles, rays and mixed colirrubias beautiful on the outside with colorful parrots parrots and palm trees. Almost as wonderful as the island of Great Dog, brimming with coral reefs of elkhorn type.

Virgin Islands: trips, fishing and diving

Fotography by Peter Shanks

After lunch at Pirates Bight, an informal restaurant with Norman Island, reminiscent of the thieves sailors were frequent visitors to the area, you can sail to the island of Jost Van Dyke, and visit spas fabulous as Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, with its decoration native snails and overpopulation of exotic drinks (like the Pain Killers, the local caipirinha, a mixture of rum and pineapple juice, coconut cream and nutmeg). To conclude the day with glamor, it can be to head northeast toward to Bubbly Pool on the same island where the Atlantic waters infiltrated through natural rock walls create a mini natural pool.
The island offers numerous bays for beginners in snorkeling, diving and other water sports. Little Dix Bay, calm and protected, has wonderful views of the surrounding reefs. The Baths, on the other hand, is a formation of granite boulders that are transformed into roads and pools of warm water to form natural caves and grottoes are also ideal to discover the underwater species.

Virgin Islands

Fotography by Peter Shanks

Another recommended site is the Mosquito Beach, located on the north and an overlook that offers a panoramic view of sunset over the sea. Attentive, some hostels improvise on the spot a «sunset cocktail with local flavors to the fullest. Nearby, a Yacht Club serves as nautical businesses, offering sailing and boat rentals, fishing equipment and marine valuable secrets: fishing holes, surface cracks, deep water sites …, the site provides data to find some of the 160 varieties of fish from the islands, highlighting wahoo, tuna, saw, and marlin. A local recommendation if you rent a boat is leaving for the island of Saba Rock, still further north, where it docks at a pier in the tiny island-resort Saba Rock Island. The place has 12 rooms, restaurant and a boutique that sells famous artifacts salvaged from shipwrecks such as the «Atocha» and «RMS Rhone, a British steamship that once measured 92 meters long and was destroyed by a hurricane in 1867. It is a popular site for tourists and divers, as can be seen even the tip of the vessel planted a few feet deep.

If you decide to return, you can go sailing directly (one hour) to Tortola, or visit Peter Island, formerly a haven for pirates and now owns one of the Caribbean’s largest spa, five secluded beaches and hidden in 20 caves mountains.

Useful Information:
Accommodation: the island offers a wide variety of accommodation, from rooms in sailboats floating, inns and hotels to 5 star.

Food: In most places can be ordered traditional dishes such as fungi, the lobster and lobster (flooded), the roti and pate (grilled bread stuffed with spicy meat, seafood or vegetables)

Caribbean Enjoy the pleasure of floating in its clear waters and calm under the bright sun!

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