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Vienna, a city of great composers, which will make us humming the Blue Danube between the streets, dancing a waltz romantic in any of its premises. Vienna is a great place to visit in spring or autumn, much better than in summer, when Vienna was full of tourists and perhaps not as it should enjoy.

The Baroque city, capital of the late empire of the Habsburgs. Magnificent palaces and large houses will go our way. The corner of classical music with the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. But besides the music, Vienna is a city of coffee, or children’s choir singers from the famous Spanish Riding School.

Its strategic location on the Danube became the center of a mighty empire. From the nineteenth century, and especially with the advent of World War II, that empire declined markedly. Still, the romance of Vienna continued to remain, hidden in corners of streets, the windows of their palaces.

His wonderful historical center, surrounded by ancient walls and today by the Ringstrasse, the thrilling Prater amusement park with its famous Ferris wheel, or the impressive palace of Schönbrunn summer. All these places we are thrilled that you love or simply serve to love. Because Vienna is the city of romance.

Visits to Vienna:
The majesty of Vienna has its center in the Hofburg Palace or Imperial Palace, originally built in the thirteenth century, although over the centuries has been modernized. It contains the National Library, the Spanish Riding School and the Royal Chapel, where every Sunday the Vienna boys singers sing in the Mass since 1498. Inside you will also find the famous Sissi Museum.

The Palace has its doors open every day from 09.00 to 17.00, in July and August but remains open half an hour more. The entrance fee to visit is 9.90 euros adults, 4.90 euros for children between 6 and 18 years.

Inside the palace is based Spanish Riding School, the school of dressage world’s oldest, founded in 1572 with horses of Spanish origin. The shows are offered between February and June and between September and December. Tickets are only available at the door and cannot be booked in advance. Entry costs 18 euros cheaper, but you can come to see the museum of the school for 5 euros, or training horses for 12 euros.

Hence we have to enthralled with the Schönbrunn Palace, summer residence of the Habsburgs since the eighteenth century. Beautiful gardens, Baroque and Rococo rooms, the Hall of Mirrors where Mozart played, a luxury to us. The palace is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00, and in summer until 1800. The entry is priced at 12.90 euros for adults and 6.90 euros for children between 6 and 18 years.

The fun is in Vienna’s Prater park, with one of the symbols of the city, the big wheel, built in 1897, the only of its time that continues to stand. Nor can we leave behind the splendid palace of Belvedere, the eighteenth century, or enjoy an evening of opera at the majestic Vienna State Opera, where, even if you’re not fans of bel canto, the passion and the sound will captivate you.

Another of the majesty of Vienna is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, with its 136 meters high, dominating a heart in which a walk and visit the Museo of the music and the magnificent Museum of Natural History, the third largest of its kind the world.

How to get there?
The best thing is to get to Vienna, through its International Airport, 18 kilometers southeast of the city. There are local trains and buses then we link to Vienna. There is also a City Airport Train which links to the City Air Terminal Station in the city center, connected to the subway, train and bus. There are taxis at the doors of the terminal. Here you have the possibility to find your flight to Vienna

Transport in Vienna:
Vienna has buses, trams, metro and rail. Most of them operate from 06.00 until midnight. The bus ended at 23.00 hours, but there are night buses on weekends. The subway is the fastest way to get around Vienna, while the train is the cheapest way for example you get to the airport.

Mallnitz-Obervellach, motorail terminal por WildVanilla.

To see the city, I advise the network of trams, although some lines do not work weekends. To the city center, take the bus, since there are no trams in the area. Tickets for any cost 1.70 euros. Still I would recommend requesting the Vienna Card, valid for three days and allows unlimited travel on all modes of transport except night buses. He also offers discounts on many visits. There are many taxis, but yes, I assure you they are among the most expensive in Europe. Rent a car only if you are going to be in the city is by a heavy traffic, but very useful for a tour of the surroundings.

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    Vienna is an amazing city! I love it. I’ve been there 4 times and would always love to see it again! It’s a truly beautiful place!

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    [...] Vienna of travel The attractions of Austria [...]

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