Undiscovered beaches in Spain

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Not enough to have sand and sea. Sometimes factors such as the beauty of the landscape, the hospitality of the locals, the degree of overcrowding towels or food quality are critical for a vacation end up being a success or a failure.

Undiscovered beaches in Spain

Photography by LindaH

In our recommendations section, many readers have been encouraged to share their experiences with the summer traveling in various parts of the Spanish coast. Andalusia, the Basque Country and Galicia are among the regions, according to our readers, we visit each other or themselves.

These are the undiscovered beaches we recommend:

Lekeitio, Basque Country

Far to the north, hidden away a beautiful Basque village called Lekeitio. A 55 km from Bilbao, Gernika 22 and 72, Donostia, Lekeitio is a haven of tranquility in which the beach is the main protagonist of the landscape. It is accessible by highway, but the trip really worth it because the local road necessary to reach this place (you start from Gernika) goes through many towns and Basques as Ondarroa Mutriku, making the trip a unique experience. Once in Lekeitio, one of the main attractions of the beach is a small island a few meters from the coast and that can be accessed through a stone gateway seemingly invisible to the eye.

Beaches in Spain

Photography by Barrutia

Peñarronda, Asturias

This beach is undoubtedly the best of Asturias. Peñarronda has a very fresh, young, yet relaxed. It is spacious, clean and neat. It contains a little gem: the Castelo. This is a huge rock with a hole in the middle, like a tunnel. On the site you will find beach bars, but what if there are many surfers. Perfect if you are someone like you get on the table and if not, it’s also perfect for decorating the water.

Gandia, Comunidad Valenciana

Somewhat further south, is the Grao of Gandia, the great beach across the harbor appears completely empty, enormous, lengthy and almost no people. You play volleyball nets and more. Sand and beach to enjoy almost alone. An unknown known beach of Gandia.

Adra, Andalucía

Changing Lift the heat of the Costa del Sol, is a city Adra “Almeria” far from Mojacar, Cabo de Gata Almería … Far from the best known. But it has charm. Great tapas, a wine that drinks only happens (nothing fancy, but ideal for cool drink or a fruit punch). It is also a place with history. And Adra has beach, a beach is never very crowded, long and with a touch familiar.

Isla Cristina, Andalucía

Without leaving Andalusia, a reader with the initials CH Isla Cristina has been vindicated as the “city of the coast of Huelva relatively little crowded. It has some very special landscapes and beaches and what to me was more remarkable and notable people open and hospitable. I spent a happy day there.

Changing Lift the heat of the Costa del Sol

 Photography by Chemasanco

Torreblanca, Castellón

In Castellón is a beach called Torreblanca, the place is a former fishing village, which is among the places that inexplicably survived the avalanche property in the vicinity. It has three sandy beaches, where, at this time of year, the silence and the sea meet. There are two miles long, and a trail passable by foot or by bicycle, you can enjoy the Parque Natural de Cabanes-Torreblanca, one of the few wetlands that exist in a pure state in Valencia, where the herons go your step. The feeling is indescribable peace.

Been to a beach worthy to know? Send us your recommendations.

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