Turkish Gastronomy: Restaurants in Istanbul

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Hamdi Et Lokantasi por Purple Cloud.

Turkey is starting to develop between major tourist destinations, thanks to its attractions, beaches, monuments, history, gastronomy … And especially for the warm treatment of its inhabitants and the low cost of many services.

We begin, Istanbul …

Konyali Restaurant

Restaurant located in the Topkapi Palace. Main dishes € 8-18.

The experienced restaurant, which takes more than a century serving its people, is located in one of the best locations in Istanbul, offering a splendid view over the waters around these lands, the Bosphorus and Marmara Sea.

IMG_4386 por silentthinker.

In contemplating these wonderful views from its terrace, you can enjoy both the traditional Turkish food, as most common dishes adapted to Western tastes.

If you dare to plunge into a world of colors, flavors, spices and Turkish textures, you might enjoy the dish of Turkish appetizers (mezes). If you decide to take a kebab, do not expect the typical fast food meal you can find on the newsstands in Sultanahmet, but they are treated well designed and spicy dishes, whose flavors will surprise you.

Being located inside the palace, prices are not very consistent with what you normally find in Turkey, so if you have simply become too long your visit to the palace and need to kill the bug, you can also enjoy their sights on their buffet cafeteria with more affordable prices.

Hamdi Restaurant
Restaurant located in the neighborhood of the Grand Bazaar, opposite the Galata Bridge. Main dishes € 6-9.
After a hard day of shopping in the bazaar, what better than to take a break in an elegant terrace with stunning views.
It offers a very affordable menu financially, where you can find authentic dishes like lamb kebab with pistachios, but you can find lighter dishes using chicken or vegetables.

Lunch at Hamdi Restaurant, Istanbul por east med wanderer.

Undoubtedly the most striking local dish is the taste of kebabs, with which you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors, yes, if you come with, because it is minimum for 4 people. If you go for this option, stop by the restaurant prior to burden you with too many bags in the bazaar, because the preparation of the dish is long (3-4 hours) and in passing you reserve one of the best tables in the restaurant.

We urge you to visit this restaurant, since it has lost: one of the best views of Istanbul, good value for money, friendly service …

Basak Et Balik Restaurant
Restaurant located in Heybeliada, one of the islands of the Princes. Main dishes € 6-12.
According to the ferry landing, you could smell fried fish. Along the harbor, you’ll find a row of typical beach restaurants. The Basak is one of the most renowned features. Because the islands are one of the most typical destinations for foreign tourists, you might take a bit to make you understand, but you will not have major problems.

Enjoying breathtaking views of the first line of coast, you can try any of the local fish prepared on the grill, or if yours is not the fish, they also find other meat dishes. If you come to eat at noon, will offer affordable and complete menus.

We hope you can serve to get an idea of its great cuisine of renowned quality and affordable prices, especially in these times of crisis with clouds overhead.

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