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Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands and is located only 97 miles off the coast of Africa, is the second largest island of the archipelago. This island belongs to the Province of Las Palmas, one of two that make up the Canary Islands in Spain, its capital is the port where the rosary is the government of the island, its geography is arid and has wide open plains, there are 13 natural areas.

The people of Antigua, is located east of Fuerteventura, near Caleta de Fuste town a popular tourist destination on the island, the old markets are very popular for its picturesque church overlooking the village, construction data are 1785, its beautiful piazza is adorned with blooming flowers all year. Antigua is a very quiet town, there are many bars, shops, nightclubs and restaurants, and nightlife is very active.

Gastronomy of Fuerteventura:
Pork is plentiful on the island and prepared in many styles. Succulent stews and soups are popular choices. Fish is probably the most common Canarian staple, be it fresh or salted, and usually accompanied by a large selection of ‘Mojo’ sauces (a mixture of olive oil and spices), which range in flavor and strength, from the extremely hot and spicy to medium or soft. The “Sancocho” is one of the traditional fish stew made with bream, grouper or sea bass.

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The majoreros enjoy all kinds of meat, but beef and pork takes pride of place. Not forgetting the specially prepared roast leg of pork. Potatoes are another common ingredient and are prepared in many ways. Outstanding are the potato casseroles and more popular “wrinkled potatoes, boiled in extremely salty water and eaten with mojo sauce. And to round out your taste experience, there are shellfish and a variety of tropical fruits.

The landscape of Fuerteventura is donated by many windmills that attest to its long-standing agricultural activity, many of these mills are being restored to allocate them as tourist attractions like the former serving as a cultural center and has a shop in the visitor may acquire different artistic articles produced by the settlers.

Along the coast you can enjoy the ancient ocean exploration, natural parks, spend a relaxing vacation, or enjoying its nearly 77 miles of white sand beaches and black or pebble stones, a product of volcanic eruptions to who underwent the island in antiquity.

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For the weather the island is ideal for practicing aquatic sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. On the island there are diving schools and has places for this sport.

The most popular are the beaches of Jandia and Pájara, draw attention to the large existing dunes on the island and the lighthouses that rise above the sea along the coast, the most popular is the beacon of that fitted displays a beautiful architecture and rises to a height of 196 meters above sea level.


The climate in Fuerteventura is desert with rainfall whose average temperature is 20.4 º C.

Currently the main activity is tourism and in recent years thanks to the influx of tourists have built large resorts and tourist areas in the sector to develop a greater quantity and quality of services.
The tourists are mostly people from Germany and England.

If it is holiday, Costa Antigua Fuerteventura is your destiny!

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