Tumbes in Peru to beaches, sun and fun

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Tumbes in Peru to beaches, sun and fun

Tumbes Peru is small department of about 200 thousand inhabitants, with a good climate that averages at 24 degrees and an altitude at sea level (approximately 6 meters).

Zorritos beach in Tumbes
You can do to reach by road, traveling from the Piura Panamericana Norte. The first major stop is Punta Sal (mile 1,187), nice beach where hotels have been built with attractive prices and services to suit all tastes and budgets. The rest of the way will be a quiet road that runs beside a stretch of tropical beach. Throughout all the way there are numerous hostels and shelters, and for a weekend retreat and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Tumbes in Peru to beaches

Finally, the 1.270 kilometer we are in the city of Tumbes, capital of Peru’s northern border. The city has good services. Traveling north we find the mangroves, salt-water flooded forests with varied flora and fauna should not miss. Further, on the border with Ecuador, we find the popular Aguas Verdes (km 1.297).

Tumbes Tours shorebirds:
Tumbes is a place full of beaches, many paradisiacal landscapes and especially the beautiful sunset. For reservations visit three days of your trip involving a circuit of about 200 miles round trip. The enjoyment of nature is guaranteed and a simple circuit and accessible.

The first to visit historical content is the Caleta de la Cruz, named for being the place where he was the Cross of the Conquest, the Spanish left in 1532 to pass through Tumbes. You can observe the structure of the first oil well to be drilled in South America in 1863, as a vestige of a time when Peru began to modernize.

Puerto Pizarro is a bay located 13 kilometers from Tumbes. It is characterized by mangroves and their circuits to the islands of the Birds, Love and whale bone, and the crocodile farm. In Tumbes city can hire at reasonable prices, hiking a ride to the mangroves.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is undoubtedly Playa Hermosa, and she has undertaken an ambitious project to build hotels and resorts.

Puerto Loco is one of the beaches, located 26 kilometers from Tumbes is certainly a welcoming place, with quiet beaches and shallow waters. Of course, being a Bay scallop port, you can enjoy delicious dishes of the sea, one tumbesino the traditional ceviche, with a particular taste. Now if we talk about fish, Beach Acapulco is a place with a great variety of fish and shellfish that are extracted from it, the villagers prepare exotic dishes.

One of the most visited resorts at home and abroad is Playa Zorritos. There is room and board and is located only 28 kilometers from Tumbes. Further south, three miles from Bocapán can still buy Hervideros baths, pools of medicinal mineral waters.

There is also a beautiful stone forest, which is located 64 kilometers from Tumbes, exactly in Playa Mero.

Tumbes in Peru

I could not fail to mention the popular resort of Punta Sal, which is considered to have the most beautiful beaches in Peru. Here we have installed several hotels and restaurants. This beach is a balanced combination paradise: white sand, blue sea and sunshine, to enter you reach the 1.187 kilometer of the Panamericana Norte (freeway).

Knowing your holiday in Peru!

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