Trips to the Atacama in Chile

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Deserto de Atacama by André Dib.

Chile is a country with diversity for tourism, rural tourism which is present both in the charming islands, harbors, and vast geography. Today I present a post regarding this in which we hope to fill their expectations, to have a good trip to South America.


Chile is a contry that combines the corners where nature, adventure, intense, luxury hotels and excellent cuisine. This San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island and Puerto Natales excellence and sophistication combined with proposals to restore energy and leave ready to face a new life.

Mapa II Región de Chile by thejourney1972 (away until april).

San Pedro de Atacama:

Such fame has put this Andean village in the Atacama desert in northern Chile, there are people who even stops in Santiago, the capital of the country, so come as soon as possible.

San Pedro is a village like many in the Altiplano, which accounts for young backpackers and adventurers. As mud houses found accommodation at low prices and amazing natural surroundings, the town is surrounded by volcanoes, salt lakes, hot springs and lakes, in the midst of the driest desert in the world.

Now, San Pedro is one of the strongest tourist destinations and famous from Chile, and operations center that mixes offer an inexhaustible nature and adventure. In recent years, has joined a growing sample of first-class hotel, with several projects designed and luxuriously better served the country.


Among them is Awasi, with only 8 cabins, each with its own vehicle and guide, if you prefer, there are private jet service.

Tierra Atacama Hotel is a stylish, with wonderful and quiet location on the outskirts of town, overlooking the volcano Licancabur, spa and only 32 rooms.

Three miles from town, this Alto Atacama surrounded by the beautiful Cordillera de la Sal, and details are appreciated: no telephone or television in the rooms, but with pool, spa and an interesting fusion of cuisine.

Pacua Island:

Known by the native name of Rapa Nui, Pascua Island is a piece of Polynesia in the middle of the Pacific Ocean since 1888 under Chilean sovereignty, but many tourists arrive perfectly without giving importance to the data.

Chile y Pol. 360 by pilgovi02.

It is famous for its legendary Moai, gigantic torsos carved in stone by the ancestors of the Rapanui current, traditional festivals, as Tapati, which recreate various native customs, which is conducted in the summer, some good dive sites and beaches that are among the best in the country: Anakena and Ovahe.

Puerto Natales:

The Torres del Paine are a group of “pillars” of rock, amidst the national park of the same name, in Chilean Patagonia. A block of mountains and meadows full of unusual colored lagoons, especially famous among nature lovers and trekking tours, W is the path name of the best known, because runs through the foothills of the towers.

Puerto Natales was for years only the last village before this natural landmark until it began to shine with light itself, was filled with tourism projects, shopping, restaurants more or less sophisticated and even made their own brewed beers and clear, stylish hotels.


As the hotel Altiplánico South, brother of the original Altiplánico in San Pedro de Atacama, and the remote neighbor. It has only 22 rooms, carefully designed and good service, also has a strange appearance: it is almost buried.

Trips to the Atacama in Chile

The accommodation, excursions and adventures are lost come and enjoy the scenery!

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