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La Catedral por Richard Cotrina.

This beautiful colonial home town, capital of the region of the same name, a geography rugged yet beautiful mountain scenery, south of the central highlands, surrounded by desert plateaus, high mountains whose summit are adorned with snow, There are around beautiful lakes, the largest economic activity is mining. Characterizes his emphasis on the presence of valleys, deep gorges and towering mountains.

Panoramic view of Huancavelica:
The city is surrounded by fertile lands where products are grown to supply bread to take the city, located in a narrow valley, sheltered by the mountains, peaceful city and generous and kind people. Of deep religious fervor that is manifested in the construction of many churches throughout the city, many of them from colonial times, which form part of the attraction of the city by presenting the architectural style.  The city and its surroundings have many tourist attractions such as Plaza de Armas, the colonial court, in which perimeter is the town hall, two-story building with 11 gates in the center of the square is a lovely pool octagonal-shaped stone, with two sources with two Indian’s face.

Plaza de Huancavelica:
In the same square is the Church of San Antonio, dating from the seventeenth century and whose facade can see the baroque style which was constructed, carved into red volcanic rock Indian.

The Regional Museum Daniel Hernandez, who protects inside fossil pieces of shellfish and other marine life and objects of pre Inca, colonial relics and works of Peruvian painters.

The Temple and Convent of San Francisco, built in l774, mestizo style as most of the Andean temples within which we can appreciate baroque altarpieces, wood carvings and gold leaf plated. The platform of the temple is used as a backdrop for the dancers of scissors contest takes place on 24 and 25 December and the adoration of the Magi.

The church of Santo Domingo, built in the sixteenth century and is the center dedicated to the Virgen del Rosario, and Santo Domingo, whose pictures were brought from Rome.
El Templo de San Juan de Dios, the building dates from the seventeenth century, it retained Huamanga school canvasses.

Templo de San Sebastian, built in the eighteenth century, which is beautifully decorated in gold leaf, the ceiling of the right aisle. It highlights the image of the Lord’s Arrest, who during Holy Week drew thousands of faithful.

Bridge of the Ascension:
The Bridge of the Ascension, built in the seventeenth century, which to date still has its hot spring pool colonial.La del Barrio San Cristobal, known for its medicinal properties for skin problems, has the basic amenities for the visitor.

The church of San Cristobal in the neighborhood of San Cristobal, built in the highest part of town, within which you can see beautiful paintings depicting the Nativity Cuzco style.

Puente en Sacsamarca, Huancavelica 1 por David Baggins.

Other tourist attractions are:
Santa Barbara Mine Death or Mine, located four miles from Huancavelica, mine worked in the colonial period. Sacsamarca three miles from the city, small town noted for the beauty of the surrounding landscape and building stone houses of the place. Inkañan Uchkus Archaeological Complex, a former administrative and religious center of the Incas.

Tucumachay La Quebrada, where is the research and production center of South American camelids, National University of Huancavelica is 19 kilometers from the city, the landscape is impressive and much by the presence of vicuña, alpaca and llama, from here we can see the Nevado de San Andres in the top of which the condors fly.

Other attractions for visitors are the Nevado de Chonta, Lagoon and Laguna Pultoc Choclococha that are a little further away from the city of Huancavelica.

Huancavelica access can be done in the following ways: (Transport)
Lima – Pisco – Huancavelica, approximately 11 hours by car.
Lima – Huancayo – Huancavelica, approximately 9 hours by car.
Ayacucho – Huancavelica, six hours by car.
Train to Huancavelica:
By train from Huancayo to Huancavelica, six hours ago. Significantly, on this trip you can enjoy beautiful scenery, snow, springs, terraces and ancient villages are part of this tour, besides the 38 tunnels and 15 bridges that the train has to pass. Huancavelica has a good infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, he traveling to this city will not have problems with these services.

El Tren Macho por Richard Cotrina.

I love you Peru!

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