Trip to Almuñécar – Granada Andalusia

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Almuñécar is a coastal community, is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia, on the coast of Granada province is a major resort, rural air city, highlighting their house painted white, washed by the waters Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains.

City with a great historical and artistic legacy, along its 19 miles of beach has 26 beautiful beaches that invite you to enjoy its waters. As a legacy of its history and the passage of the different civilizations that inhabited these parts, we can see traces of them, as the necropolis of the Port of Noy, the aqueducts of the Roman period located at the height of Torrecuevas district and the square, the cave of the seven palaces that now houses the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the Torre del Monje, Salting Factory and Columbiario The Albina.

Almunecar and the sea:
Arab memories of when we can see the Castle of San Miguel and the Coastal watchtowers located between the beaches of the municipality. Then there is the Church of the Incarnation and the Pillar of the main street of the Christian era, in more recent times we can see the monument to Rahman, the monument to the Phoenicians and the Arch in honor of Blas Infante.

The most attractive places of the city are the Peña Escrita Ecological Park, an ideal place to practice different activities and outdoor sports; Catarrijan naturist beach, site of interest to those who practice diving, Bird Park, Botanical Loro Sexi, where you can appreciate more than 1 500 individuals, belonging to nearly 200 different species, Botanic Park. Archeological the Majuelo where there are different exotic tropical plants and the Marina del Este.

Almuñécar Beaches:
The most important beaches of Almunecar are: Cantarriján naturist beach, La Herradura, Los Berengaria, naturist del Muerto, Cotobro, La China, San Cristobal, La Caletilla, Puerta del Mar, Velilla, The Tesorillo, Cala Bajio, El Pozuelo, Cabria and Ravine Amid. Another place of importance is the area of Horseshoe second biggest city of Almuñecar, here are 21 sunken ships of the Armada, its beaches are the best in the area and can engage in windsurfing and diving. The most important monuments of the city and are a must Fortaleza de La Herradura, Arab Tower Monitoring, Noy Bridge Cemetery Phoenician, Arab Castle of San Miguel, Factory Salazones Roman, Roman Cueva de Siete Palacios, Roman Aqueduct, Arab Tower Monitoring, Columbarium Romano, Roman Aqueduct, Atalaya Arab Monitoring, Surveillance Arab Tower.

Atalaya del Tesorillo (Almunecar) por Maximo Lopez (netsella).

The horseshoe from the tower of Cerro Gordo:
The town of Almunecar is accessed from the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Almeria and Malaga, whether land, sea or air to Granada is the nearest town (80 kilometers), the city and every point great tourist destination has great hotel infrastructure with all necessary facilities for tourists and same restaurants with a varied international and native cuisine, especially seafood based and proprietary products in the area. If you are visiting for the community of Valencia, visit this town and enjoy the benefits of its natural attractions and learn about its history.

Panoramica torre del diablo por Nudibranquio.

Bon Voyage!

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