Travelling to the Algarve coast – Portugal

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Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal, this region is south of the country and shows all its magnificence to the world. On the sunny coast of the Algarve, Faro and Olhão face, lies the small island of Culatra unknown.

Travelling to the Algarve coast - Portugal

Photography by timo_w2s

Beautiful fishing village where the peace is reflected in the lime of their buildings and the sweetness of its people contrasts with the harsh brand of expression that have been carved sea. This island, along with its neighboring Armona and Farol, make calls Barrera, parapet to the ponds inside belonging to the natural reserve of Ria Formosa.

Attractive destinations of Portugal

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Getting to this island centuries, populated the late nineteenth century when fishermen from the traps of sardines and tuna settled in arid lands, it is easy and quite affordable. From the harbor, at the end of the promenade of Faro or Olhão (Culatra part of Faro but his heart is closer to Olhão and vital cultural proximity) can take a river taxi, at any time of day 25 euros the way for five people, or the regular transport of boats, ferries, which run every hour and return tickets cost 3 euros per person.

A pleasant journey, half an hour of breeze and seagulls squawking domesticated, has little by little forgetting to leave the mainland to become a local, more if in sandals a lot better, and that paving has not yet come to this place trace sand and naturally the nature trails of the island.

Tourism to Algarve

Photography by Sue Elias

Color Craft fishermen are welcome signal as it approaches the island, the first thing you discover is a small church, religious beliefs are deeply rooted to life and superstitions of the fishermen who baptized their ships, in most casas, with biblical names. Culatra Another distinctive symbol of the lighthouse is Cape Santa Maria, located at the southwest corner of the isa Portugal was the first installed at the top of a cylindrical tower, dates from 1851.

If the intention of the visitor is to spend just one day in its wonderful beaches it is best not to bring too much luggage, a towel, water bottle and an umbrella will be more than enough, no snack bar or waiting on summer hits its miles of white sand and clear water. The total disconnect with the nearby peninsular world gets to rent a house and stay fishing, rocked by the silence of this land without any motor vehicle, a few days in which time is measured only with imaginary hourglass. The best way to find accommodation is through advertisements from individuals.

Trip to Algarve

Photography by EDARF

Seafood, shrimp, shells and, above all, clams, perhaps the best in the world are forced food limitation for the enjoyment of all visitors over its only six kilometers of coastline. As for bars / restaurants, literally counted on the fingers of one hand. Choose one at random, is part of this adventure measured.


Getting to the Isle of Culatra? Aeropuerdo land at Faro International, a regular flight costs about 200 euros. Another option is to drive along the N125 to Olhão. In both cities you can get a ferry carrying Culatra Island.

Where to stay In private homes, rented homes through pages full of adverts, a week in summer costs around 800 euros.

Enjoy your trip to Algarve!

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