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The Pyramids of Giza por khalid almasoud.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the largest city in the Arab world and Africa in addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
How come?
Cairo, has an airport named Cairo International Airport. Located some 15 km from downtown and is the main point of connection of the carrier EgyptAir although there are plenty of airlines that have regular flights from this airport.

How do I move?
Cairo is the only city in Egypt and the African continent that has a subway system, the Metro, so it is the nerve center of the country. This Metro is moving through the National Authority for Tunnels. It has two lines: line 1 or line French red (which was the first to be opened) and line 2 or Japanese yellow line. Also, to prevent sexual harassment to which women were subjected because of the narrowness of the carriages, the first of them is exclusive to women, although they can travel elsewhere if they wish.

There are also buses, trains and taxis. Taxis are a particularly desirable if they are caught in the door of the hotels because they know all the routes.

What to see?
The city is divided into large districts: Ataba (downtown), Zamalek (found on the island of the same name), Mohandesin (built on the gardens of the Nile), Heliopolis (built on the desert), Nasr City (built as military district), Garden City and Maadi.

We cannot leave Egypt without seeing his famous Pyramids. These can include:
• The Step Pyramid: in its origin was a mastaba. Data from the Third Dynasty Pharaoh and belongs to Netcheryet (Zoser). It is divided into six major steps of 60 meters.
• The Pyramid of Unas: it has a great importance due to jerogíflicos it owns in the burial chamber. Data from the V Dynasty.
• Serapeum: was discovered in 1851 and contains the tomb of the god Apis bull-shaped. Has a construction similar to that of the catacombs, dating from the XVIII dynasty.
• The master: They are tombs of the nobles of dynasties V and VI, are attractive because of the hieroglyphs of the walls depicting scenes of daily life or religious scenes.
• Pyramids of Giza: They belong to the pharaoh Khufu of Dynasty IV and are considered a wonder of the world.
• The Sphinx: undoubtedly, the most famous of Egypt. Situated along the valley temple has a human head and lion’s body. For many years it was believed that this tomb belonged to Khafre, but today we know that actually belongs to his father, Khufu.

5000 years ago.... por ancama_99(toni).

Another of the most curious to visit the Khan al-Khalili market. One of the most famous bazaars. It is full of silks, spices, copper … and all Oriental products exist. In addition, you can also find cafes like Café del Fishawy where they join writers, poets and musicians.

Khan Al Khalili Market por drona.

We can also see the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities which is located in Tahrir Square. Visitors can stay open-mouthed at 50 centuries of pharaonic history, making it unique in the world. North of the Bulaq Museum is a very interesting neighborhood with great mosques worth a visit, extending along the banks of the Nile. The Hanging Church is another marvel built on the ruins of the fortress of Babylon. You can also visit the area known as Islamic Cairo where many beautiful minarets and domes. Right here we see the towers of Bab Zuwayla, the Citadel and the Museum of Islamic Art, where the most important collection of Islamic art.

Puerta de Bab Zuwayla (El Cairo) por GrumpyWolf.

If time permits, you can also make excursions from Cairo to other parts of Egypt such as Alexandria. Known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean” is located about 225 km from the city. Founded by Alexander the Great can visit the Catacombs, the Greco-Roman Museum, Pompey’s Pillar and many Islamic monuments.

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