Traveling Prague: Tourist Tips

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In Prague, people are not united in session. If you visit the city in peak tourist season, Prague is synonymous with many people, the crowd is seen getting into the crowd, trying to steal away the space the idea of space. It can take forty minutes to cross the bridge 500 meters from Charles IV, or feel that the cheese from air in the Old Town Square lacks circulation holes. However, none of this gets to tarnish his legendary status as a city. It did not take more than a few minutes to revere their streets and their fronts elusive harmonious, and feel that it pays to be there.

Traveling Prague: Tourist Tips

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Any tour guide points to places inevitable: the Old Town Square, a surprising oasis in the midst of a labyrinth, the bridge Carlos IV, besieged by timeless statues before which everything stops pretending to be a tribute to a photograph. The Jewish Quarter, with its colorful cemetery, their synagogues and their air of cryptic world. Prague Castle, magnificent in appearance winding neighborhood with narrow streets in one of which lived Franz Kafka, with his prodigious St. Vitus Cathedral. The district of Mala Strana, made to eat and drink, shop and fall in love again puppets on its narrow sidewalks. Each of these areas deserves appreciation in their right mind and nothing would work better than the tour guide.

Traveling Prague

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Where to eat and dance in Prague?

A possible tour begins at Wenceslas Square (Metro Muzeum), with its echoes of the Prague Spring and the broad avenue that runs downhill. At the end there are stalls where XL sausage and mulled wine are reassuring to travelers. If travelers want to start by wanting to shop, they can do in the center, where shops are set on all floors of buildings care, which are only interrupted by breweries that hold the category of restaurants, but they serve both.

Around the Old Town Square, just across the street from Kozna, 14, is arguably the world’s best restaurant in Prague. Here they serve the goulash in a round, crispy bread, baked potatoes with incredible sauces and roasted pork shank weighs a kilo. Prices are affordable to eat, eat what is said, is wonderful.

A place to hang out eating and even dancing is called the Bodeguita del Medio. If you’re looking for live music festival without paying the entrance from the ten there is a group that sounds good, some Czech girls dancing salsa and fast waiters putting heavily laden mojitos. For the more adventurous there is an absurd and funny locally called El Rincón del Son: prices fall and the alcohol goes with echoes of Caribbean music. They eat authentic Cuban dishes and a surreal surrounding noise and cheers.

Prague Tourist Tips

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If you are looking for a nightclub environment until dawn, forced to go the place is called Chateau Rouge, and stays in the Square Tarometzka. Everyone knows it, but it is dense, submerged and with three different music venues and decibels to the hardest. And if you drink it, it is essential to the restaurant U Fleku brewery, which is nourished by tourists, where the beer is drunk black and strong.

Transport in Prague:

Practical advice and necessary, carefully review the metro ticket is purchased. The information is entangled in Czech and English and it is not clear, it goes through periods of time. In the downtown stations never misses a cop ready to punish a rookie mistake with a heavy fine, especially for tourists.


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The traveler leaves the city with the impression that has seen it all, but to discover something is missing. As if the narrow cobbled streets we hide some of its mysteries. So it’s inevitable the will of a runoff.

Prague stays in our memory and perhaps inevitably we’re back!

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