Travel to the Port of Las Palmas and its environs

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Saliendo del puerto por dnieper.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a city of waterways and major movement where its ports play a vital role. Turn is often the starting point for tourism in Spain, most in part by the influence of its ports: Port of Arinaga, Salinetas Port, Harbor Reef and Puerto de Rosario. The geographic location of this city has to occupy one of the first links in the chain of maritime trade. Located northwest of the island of Gran Canaria is, in turn, capital of the province of Las Palmas and Canary Islands Autonomous Community.

At first instance, we arrive at Arinaga port located on the southeastern coast and 18 miles south of the port of Las Palmas. In principle, this site was intended as a dock designed to meet the needs of the industries of “Arinaga Industrial Estate. However, later, had to dock at the port of Las Palmas and assist in the entry and departure of ships tours. Mainly arriving or departing the south of Gran Canaria.

And between water and currents, input / output port we came to another corner, the Port of Salinas. Located on the east coast of the island, this time closer than before (about 10 miles from the port of Las Palmas), this site works specifically on the receipt of large liquids (fuels and alcohols). Until then come these products which are then distributed in different geographical locations.

Now the tide is leaving us and joining Palmas Lanzarote Island. Here comes the turn of stepping Harbor Reef. A place born as a fishing port and then turned in the third most important port center of the Canary Islands. But here also was installed by the need for space for the arrival and mooring boats for sailing, sports, and cruising boats.

Sailboat – Velero, Lanzarote HDR por marcp_dmoz.

In the same island (Gran Canaria) is also the port of Puerto del Rosario. Also born fishing terminal and then through increased tourism, was transformed into one of the most important platforms for the receipt of merchandise and fresh fish. Also several cruise ships arrive here each year.

Now we are cruising back and let us return to the sea port of Las Palmas and its sports facilities. This is a site that attempts to meet the needs of sailors. Yachts arrive here from various places in Europe, the Mediterranean and America, and the most exclusive planned transatlantic journeys.

Inside can be found charming boutiques, interesting museums, restaurants, hotels and service maintenance and repair ships. All these luxury services for those wishing to make a brief stop at the Port and then continue the trip or who attempt to set down and like to make excursions into the island

The ports, as well as receive and send parcels, also unite the world. The Port of Las Palmas is the largest in the Canarian territory, but also of the other collaborating in the task, mainly related to the arrival of tourists on cruise ships. Ports are other values that can be found in cities to which the traveler is invited to attend.

Pozo Izquierdo por Marc Sentís.

Visit the canary paradise and not regret it!.

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