Travel to the city of Aix

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A 76 km from Arles and a final route in Provence is the beautiful town of Aix en Provence. Aix en Provence is a city of art, light and sources. In this city you will find numerous art schools and universities, with many young visitors attracted to the bohemian atmosphere that still maintains the city.

The city of Aix

Photography by chloé.ophelié

Aix en Provence is an ancient city that may be formed in the IV-III century BC, but that no documents until 122 AD, called Aquae Sextiae. Add Aix’s name comes from the Gaelic, being the source fortification Aix en Provence one of the strongest Gaelic settlements in Gaul, such as Asterix and Obelix.

If you visit Aix en Provence is highly recommended that you make a route where he lived Paul Cézanne and Pablo Picasso and getting lost for its beautiful streets of typical French village with its cafes, and porches.

Places of Cézanne in Aix en Provence:

A Bibémus quarry (Carrières Bibémus) was where Paul Cezanne had a cabin in the shadows of big pines. Cézanne painted 11 oils and 16 watercolors in this landscape to discover his famous red rocks, the geology of the plateau and the quarrying of Aix en Provence that it possible to build the monuments of Aix from antiquity to the eighteenth century.


Photography by abrocke

La carriere de Paul Cézanne Bibémus:

The Jas de Bouffan is a farmhouse once owned by the family Cézanne from 1859 for 40 years. Paul Cezanne found there the source of his inspiration in his youth and even has his paintings on the wall directly on the ground floor of the house and lounge. Later and install a ridge in the park opposite the house and painted a total of 36 Oleas and 17 watercolors depicting his family.

Maison et ferme du Jas de Bouffan of Paul Cézanne:

Cézanne’s workshop (Atelier de Cézanne) is another place you can visit related to Cezanne in Aix. In 1902 the painter settled in this workshop will work until the last days of his life and dozens of exhibits in the best museums of the world in this workshop held near the center of Aix en Provence.

Another interesting place is the Musee Granet in 2009 celebrated the Picasso exhibition. Thanks to the relationship of the painter from Malaga to Aix en Provence and thanks to the strong friendship with Cézanne. Picasso once said that Cézanne “was my only teacher.”

Cours Mirabeau:

The old town of Aix en Provence (vielle ville) makes circular rings with boulevards and squares. The old town can be explored on foot but we suggest booking a couple of days. The medieval center of Aix was protected by a wall with 29 towers, today there is only one tower in the fourteenth century, the Tourreluquo.

The Cours Mirabeau is an avenue in the center of Aix terraces with cafes, bookstores and bakeries. In some of these cafes (Le Grillon, Les Deux Garçons, among others) can the typical breakfast of spinach and mushroom quiche so typical of the area.

Travel to the city of Aix

Photography by abrocke

The avenue Cours Mirabeau in Aix en Provence:

The Cours Mirabeau starts at Le Rotonde built in 1860 with three statues representing justice, agriculture and the arts. Le Cours de Mirabeus was a long ride floats created in 1649 and is the liaison between the Mazarin district in the south, and the old city in the north.

The food market of Aix en Provence is a very interesting place for shopping in Piétonier ville. At Aix there is also a flower market and interesting clothes in the Cours Mirabeau.

Hotels Aix en Provence:

During your visit you can stay at Hotel Aix en Provence, to free rooms where there is a reasonable price in the city center. It should be noted that there is a service on the council to help find a hotel or hostel in Aix en Provence.

Hotel Aix en Provence

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Travel to the city of Aix

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