Travel to Puerto Piramides on the Peninsula Valdes

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Puerto Pirámides por Don Ernest.

The small Patagonian town, is a hundred kilometers from Puerto Madryn is a quiet haven from which to observe the fantastic marine wildlife. Within hours of arriving at this town one feels that almost all its inhabitants know it. And if you enjoy walking you can leave the car keys forgotten in a drawer in the hotel.

Just get going and headed for the Avenue of the Whales. While the name is flashy, it’s a street, the only paved, a little more than a thousand feet, through which the life of the place, which is not agitated.

Is that about 400 people live here, although in summer the population is multiplied by the thousands. And the reasons on: a small bay surrounded by cliffs and washed by a calm, coupled with boat trips, whale watching between May and December. It is also ideal for sports such as diving, kayaking, trekking, horse riding and mountain biking.

However, pyramids are not only known for its tranquility. Also for their first and quaint houses, built with metal sheets. A village that once had 2,000 inhabitants and was born in 1900, driven by the exploitation of salt in the heart of the peninsula, as regards the carriage of the train salt exhibited in the square, and for the killing of sea lions.

Puerto Piramide por Teshka Daniela.

Fortunately times have changed, and if something is rescued today in the village, which until the nineties relied on a generator that left everything in the dark at midnight, is respect for nature and its fantastic marine wildlife.

Activities and accommodation:

The avenue is like an irregular horseshoe, always leads to the ocean and bay, about 700 meters and two small commercial areas at each end. Already in contact with water, riding in a kayak is not a bad idea. A discipline that is commercially launched two years ago, proposes a different encounter with the landscape and is ideal for families, although the minimum age required is 10.

Then the silence is the main character, only crossed by the singing of the birds, while it should not be making any effort to stop and observe the schools that run the seabed transparent. The proposals are for all tastes and physical states, from outputs of a couple of hours to a cave full of fossils to whole day trips or more, lunch included, to some lonely little beach.

At this time of year should not get here without booking accommodation. There are possibilities of choosing between hotels, lodges, hostel and campsites. Among other options, the Las Restingas, almost on the beach, the Inn The Paradise, a little further from the sea, about 700 meters, but with the charm of a typical construction, $ 150 double room, breakfast included . There, in the time to sit at the table, it is suggested an entry: the Vieyra the four cheeses ($ 50), which may well be accompanied by a Marcus Sauvignon Blanc, $ 24. Must-see.

Puerto Piramides por llwyngwair.

At the end of the day would be unforgivable not to walk on the cliffs overlooking the beach called the Caves, near the town, which some daring sliding down a rope. Now it only remains to sit facing the sea while the sun is lost in the horizon, leaving a deep reflection on the rocky walls.

Make tourism in harmony with nature!

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