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The Commonwealth of the Valleys is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the extreme north-western province of Huesca, bordering France and Navarre and an altitude above sea level of between 700 meters and 2670 meters Embun Bisaurín atop. The main roads that allow access to the Valleys are N-240, which connects to Pamplona and Huesca and the N-330 through which it communicates with Jaca.

The starting point to get into the Valleys is located in Puente La Reina de Jaca, where we can take N-240 to Berdún we will find the detour through the gorge of Biniés (A-1602) and take us to Anso Fago.

The whole town can be considered historical and cultural features. Anso The traditional strength has been determined by its once immense forest wealth, now regulated operation, its large population of cattle and horses, basically, and a series of agreements and treaties (pacerías) with its neighbors in Roncal (Navarra) and Baretous (Bearn) that allowed him to dominate major extensions of the Pyrenees.

Puente la Reina 01 por Umberto Luparelli.

How to visit?
- Section of the Camino de Santiago (Puerto de Palo). Roman road, Via Romana XXXIII
- Parish Church of St. Peter (x. XVI) century baroque altar XVII, built in the post-Gothic (sixteenth century with the addition in the seventeenth century its entry) impressive and mole that stands out from among the entire town. Inside are kept many altarpieces from the same period.

- Medieval tower house
- Ermita de la Virgen de Puyeta
- Bordas popular architecture
- Water Megalithic Tuertas
- Ethnological Museum
- Interpretation Center of nature
- Shelter Linza
- Ski Linza background

Hiking: Zuriza, Mesa de los Tres Reyes, Ibon of Acherito, Ibon tin peaks of Alano, Biniés Foz, Foz de Fago, Water Tuertas, Guarrinza.


The formation of this valle is due to the presence of masses of ice that covered the Pyrenees during the Quaternary. For Aguastuertas flows the River Aragón-Subordán, full of whimsical meanderings of reddish water. Their soft molded hosting for the whole summer season, herds of cows and mares.

Aguas Tuertas por raullopezch.

Veral and Foz do Rio Biniés:
Tributary of Aragon – Subordán, shapes and sheer relief encased in its middle and lower, we find the impressive gorge of Biniés, and descending into Berdún. It is the ideal habitat for birds such as the bearded vulture.

Valley Alano:
Beautiful and interesting suspended after the mountain valley of Alano, at the foot of Peña Forca and whose natural entrance is on the south from Siresa through the valley of the Reclusa. It results also from the traces of glaciers at the head Veral Valley where, in its descent formed as the valley glacier tongues.

Ibón of Acherito:
For centuries glaciers have disappeared, reduced to small ice sheets in the Central Pyrenees, always at altitudes above 3,000 meters. In the Valle de Anso, there are some residues such as small buckets lake or mountain lakes, and Acherito Ibón of one of them, beautiful Ibon, where in the crystal waters, inhabits the Pyrenean newt, endangered.

Mesa de los Tres Reyes:
Famous mountain which towers above the confluence of the three ancient kingdoms of Aragon, Navarre and Bearn. It is also representative of the relief karstic limestone on the floor that has caused large gullies. You can also view beautiful sinkholes, where they dare to survive challenging some beautiful and twisted pieces of black pine.

- Feast of the exaltation of Ansotana suit. The last Sunday of August, residents of Anso, who have spent a sleepless night before finalizing details, is dressed in the traditional manner, and through it, all the people are, instantly, transformed as if time had been frozen and we were at the beginning of the century.
- September 21 in honor of San Sebastian.
- January 20.

Occitanas en Ansó por Javier Melero Sebastián.

Bon voyage!

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