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In Amsterdam there are several shopping centers, are cozy and offer leading brands, cafeteria, restaurant and toilets clean.

Finally we invite you to visit the markets and fairs where residents of Amsterdam are provided as needed at a great price and we are also friends. There are always artists and musicians who brighten the day and delicious snacks to be tempted.

Helpful Hints:
The visits of a day or a weekend in the city of Amsterdam will always have a little taste, so much to see and enjoy it soon return for more.
Amsterdam is a city without stress and it is good to take this condition. The local culture tolerant also lacks label, people are educated and simple ways, tolerance is a fact but no scandals, no mess.

If you speak only Castilian, will feel a little forlorn, in Amsterdam but with a little English can be handled smoothly, also helps you speak German or French.

They are the typical situations should be avoided, otherwise it can cost a hefty fine:

“Smoking in prohibited places, public transport stations and platforms.
“Urinating in the street.
“Drinking alcohol in the street.
-Walk along the path for cyclists.
“Travel without a ticket of travel, or the Strippenkaart unsealed.
-Make noise nuisance.
“Eating in public transport, ice cream, chips and others.
“The entry of minors into bars or coffee shops.
-No pictures or video in the windows of prostitutes and in De Wallen, Red Zone.
“If cycling is mobilized to respect traffic regulations and not move around on the tram tracks or footpaths. 

Personal safety:
In Amsterdam the crime is minimal. It manifests primarily with some pickpockets on public transportation, downtown streets and bicycle theft folk that occurs throughout the country.

By registering at the hotel take a card counter in the reception, with the address and phone numbers of your accommodation, list the room number and keep it with your passport, you may find useful.

Do not neglect your personal and carry valuables in a safe place.

Avoid getting involved with the beggars in the street, are the typical characters who speak a little of each language and can give the wrong time, they want some money, offer drugs or stolen bicycles. Quickly get away from them.

Holland, Amsterdam- Red Light District 2 por barry_fricke.

If you arrived by car know it is not an advantage in Amsterdam. Parking is expensive and the crane and the stocks go 24 hours on the hunt for infringements. If you can park on the outskirts and use public transport.

Besides should not leave anything inside, so even some sunglasses.

Helps prevent theft leaving open the glove compartment so you can see it is empty. When you park your car do not forget to buy the card for parking where appropriate time and date should also note that street address has left the vehicle does not trust your memory in a city of small streets with names long and difficult.

It is never clear with other posters that the order does not contain values, print out these ads that we have provided in English and Dutchman to put in the windows. Print as many copies as needed.

Always keep the address and phone, in case of theft or other mishap concur or call:

Police Station (wijkteam)
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 104-108
Phone: +31 (0) 20-625 32 46. From Amsterdam dial 020-6253246. This station has a tourist assistance service and is within walking distance from Centraal Station and Dam.

Keep in mind these tips and you’ll avoid problems in your travels!

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