Travel the world: interesting destinations to choose

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The following are some of the places that you should not miss to see the world. If you are about to make a trip to some of these places mentioned below, will hand information of what to expect when arriving at your particular destination.

Recover from tourism

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From Colombia, Nepal or the streets of Croatia to the events as the Chinese New Year or Spring Music Festival in Barcelona are some of the destinations and events that may be interested.


This country shows its forests, mountains, beaches and a vibrant culture, with these few things that can be enjoyed in Colombia. The country has had a turbulent history of violence appear to be starting to recover from tourism. Some of the most important cities of Colombia are the capital Bogota, Cali, Medellín and Cartagena coast. The best times to visit Colombia and enjoy sunny days without rain are the months of December to March and July and August.


India is becoming a country that people want to visit more and more. Associated with mysticism, India ensures that visitors will not return disappointed. India promises to generate feelings to the tourists, some hate others love. Their diversity is high up, so it might be a good opportunity to visit the country.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is one of the countries at the world’s most spectacular nature. From treckings amid stunning scenery, surfing on the beaches, play sports or winter adventures are some of the deals that New Zealand offers its visitors. Besides its roads allow visitors to know the whole country by car. The best time to travel to New Zealand is from November to April, temperatures have good, between June and August you can practice the many winter sports.

Travel the world: interesting destinations to choos

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From the icy peaks of the Himalayas to the humid lowlands of Chitwan National Park, Nepal is one of the most spectacular in the world and also those who are beginning to be discovered by more and more tourists. Treckings lovers in Nepal and have some of the favorite countries to Annapurna trekking, Everest base camp or the lake of Pokhara. The fauna that exist in Nepal is also impressive, from the rhinoceros in India with a single horn or the Bengal tiger are some animals that can be seen in Nepal. Asian capital Kathmandu as a good warm reception offers its visitors with its heavy traffic, the incessant passage of tuk-tuks and rickshaws or the spectacular buildings and pagodas. The best time to visit Nepal and to make treckings is between October and November or March and April.

Interesting destinations to choose

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South Africa:

South Africa presents its stunning parks, coastal savanna, Cape of Good Hope, safaris and other things that will not disappoint you as a country. Its cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town are among the cities with its recent history of racism will not leave you indifferent.


Croatia is one of the countries of Europe that tourism is booming. The Balkan country has plenty of beaches with a variety of hotels and guest houses for visitors to stay or rent boats or cruise ships to go from beach to beach are some of the choices present to visit Croatia. The walled city of Dubrovnik is one of the best places to enter the country by walking through its small streets and Baroque. The best time to visit Croatia is between May and September.

Travel the world

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Turkey and Istanbul in particular are becoming another popular destination in Europe. But Turkey is not only Istanbul, but also Cappadocia, the Mediterranean coast, Pamukkale and many other destinations that will not leave you indifferent. The best time to visit Turkey between April and May or September and October.

Good luck in your journey through the world!

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