Transport in Egypt: Tips

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Trains are one of the fastest means of transport to travel between cities. There are three types of trains: the normal, express and turbo. The latter two are the fastest and most expensive. In general, for tourists it is advisable to book first class tickets to make sure that the coaches will be air conditioned.

Transport in Egypt Tips

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Buses. They are cheaper, but make many stops and long journeys are slower than the train.

Travel advice to Egypt

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Metro. Very recently in Cairo and covers only part of the city. The facilities are new and very clean, also can be a perfect bracket to escape the stifling heat and traffic of the streets. Ojo! It is stipulated that in the first car travel only women.

Car hire: There are wide ranges. In terms of fees, should compare at least several companies as those found at airports or in the centers of major cities are usually more expensive. Keep in mind that travel between cities, foreigners residing in Egypt are required to do so with the military convoys that go out once or twice a day, depending on the city. For timetables must go to the Tourist Police centers or ask at the reception.

Driving in Cairo to outsiders is really a litmus test and can be unsettling and even dangerous when you do not know the signs and local customs, and that traffic lights can be counted on the fingers of one hand and when to present, drivers are often not respected.

Taxis, before starting a journey by taxi driver to agree with several points:

- To show the destination on a map if necessary, to be sure you know where it is and how to go.

- Agree on the price of the race from the beginning.

- Request a direct way (without stopping in shops or stores where the driver takes a commission for bringing customers).

- At the door of the stations, hotels and tourist resorts, taxi drivers charge more than if you used one that is furthest away. Sometimes it is convenient to walk a little and get away from these points.

Transport in Egypt

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Public transport:

Is trying to pick-up trucks or covered with an awning where crowding all fit and more. They move at a frenetic pace and get on and off makes up almost anywhere. Their identification depends on the city in which we are, but they are easy to recognize, there are hundreds of them. The problem is knowing its destination, and destination numbers are in Arabic and the best in this case is to stop them and ask if they are to your destination. Its price of 0.50 you, but try to charge you more for being a tourist, do not accept it and give them just enough money, nobody will say anything.

Other transport are minibuses are a little more comfortable with 14 seats. You will know by the scandal that bears the companion calls out the destination of the minibus, you sure all sound alike. The price varies depending on the route but the amount does not exceed one or two you. There is no problem for a tourist to take this kind of transport is just not used to see each mounted on them and even offer you help.

Good Luck!

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