Tours on the island of Malta

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The nights in Malta can be endless. It is a destination that has long established itself as a place of pilgrimage for young people who want to improve their English while retaining the sun and water. There is, therefore, a bar, fast food restaurants, pubs, discos. But there are quieter options.

Nightlife in Malta

Photography by mescon

Walking the streets:

As the streets of Valletta, is probably the best option. In Republic Street, the pedestrian routes goes to the center of town, and around the Plaza Regina concentrate many bars and restaurants at reasonable prices. Without leaving the center, you can breathe the air of the whole island from the Upper Barraca Gardens, a beautiful balcony to Malta.

Another possibility is to go to the port, a place known as Grand Harbour. It is here that is held every year since 1991, the Malta Jazz Festival, in the open, next to water, in a relaxed atmosphere. In these springs is a succession of simple food stalls, or wine and cans of Cisk Maltese (one of the local beer). There is little tables. Lunch is served in small plates and people walk, their legs hanging into the sea, is dispersed through the port.

Island of Gozo:

This island, the second largest in the country, is accessed by ferry, leaving aside the small island of Comino and its famous Blue Lagoon. Gozo offers several points of interest: the Azure Window, a rock arch that comes stunning Mediterranean, the XIV century Citadel or Qbajjar salt. It should be noted that the people of this island are people immigrant.

To explore the island, the guides typically include the Cave of Calypso, of course scenario in which, in his Odyssey, Homer puts the captivating Ninfa Ulysses. This visit can be avoided, the cave holds little mystery. Yes it is essential to waste several hours cooling off in Ramla l’Hamra, the red sand beach is the beach which opens just below the Cave of Calypso and the only sandy beach on the island.

The island of Malta

Photography by foxypar4


Inthe island has two official languages, Maltese and English, but much of the population also speaks Italian.
The Maltese are predominantly Roman Catholic, receiving a great influence by the church. The climate is Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. In summer you can go from 32 º C during the day. In spring and autumn it is advisable some clothes from time to night.

To move around the country, it is advisable to do so by car (except Comino). The island has a wide network of public buses, but schedules can delay them on our visits. At night after 21h service is reduced. If rented car we have to keep in mind that driving is on the left.

Flights to scale:

. Air Italy
. Air Malta

Direct flights:

• Ryanair
• Clickair / Vueling

* Luqa Airport is the only one of the island.


On the island of Malta is plenty of options, from small shops that sell stuffed pastry cakes or pieces of pizza, Maltese typical restaurants where the specialty is the rabbit, pizzerias and restaurants of luxury.

Fish, in the village of Marsaxlokk restaurants specialize in it, if you have the opportunity to visit, do it the price – quality ratio is very good.

Rabbit in the village of Mgarr can taste the typical dish of the island, the rabbit, the restaurants in the area are very specialized in this dish.

Tours on the island of Malta

Photography by UnorthodoxY


These are found in the towns of Sliema, St. Julian’s and Paceville. There are many bars with different styles. The busiest days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


In Malta we will find small coves of sand, turquoise water and amazing clarity. Many of these creeks are located in north and northwest of the island.

Mellieha Bay, located in the same town, is the largest island, ideal for families with children, has no depth and the bottom is sandy.

Golden Bay, is just outside the village of Manikata, in the same bay where the Radisson hotel.

Paradise Bay, is located just behind the hotel of the same name in Cirkewwa, being a small bay in season must go soon.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, this beach is parallel to Golden Bay to the south. No direct access by car.

Malta beach

Photography by cauchisavona

Gjena Bay, is farther south than Ghajn, with direct access by car.

St. Peter Pool, is a non-sanded cove but interesting visit. Located south of the island, very near the village of Marsaxlokk.

Good luck on your trip to Malta!

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