Tourism in Kosovo, the last state in Europe

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Kosovo has a population of about two million people, comprising 88% predominantly by Albanians and Serb minority of 8%, also of Turks, Bosniaks and other ethnic groups. It is the latest fallout from the disintegration of the Balkans. It is a city that carries a certain negative attitude since the war in Yugoslavia. But Kosovo is now a new country and its capital is increasingly more requested. Pristina has not yet been completely rebuilt since the war ended, but is it, is fascinating but not pretty to be virtually a new city.

Although there still remains the problem of Mitrovica latent maintaining literally separated by the bridge over the Ibar river that separates the Serb-majority north and south want to be Serbs Albanians. The country’s economy is one of the weakest in Europe.

Getting to Kosovo:
The best way to go to Kosovo is the low-cost airline Germanwings opened in the summer time a connection from the airport Cologne / Bonn to Pristina (Kosovo) with a frequency of one flight per week. Another good option is to fly to Skopje in Macedonia, and enter through the southern border, can be dangerous but far less than some countries. Both the UNMIK police and KFOR forces keep the area very controlled.

It is a very interesting site. To know the country a good tip is to do in Kosovo through train express.

Sightseeing in Kosovo:
Pec nice quaint little tourist town, is sheltered by high mountains of eastern Kosovo. Probably in no other place in Europe’s human rights were violated as a flagrant and systematic way as here. The control of Kosovo, whose population is overwhelmingly Albanian Ottoman Empire rose from the Serbs in 1913. Since then, the Kosovars have resisted for decades the harshest repression and neglect, with living conditions that fall below four times the rest of the former Yugoslavia. Demands for greater autonomy were met with political purges and the dismantling of the health system, educational and government institutions. Kosovo has a distinctive Muslim air, their inhabitants are much more curious and friendly than in Serbia and Montenegro.

The bustling bazaar is located east of Pec at the foot of the Bajrakli Mosque, the fifteenth century, is one of eight active mosques in the city. Outside the city, the Monastery Patrijarsija was a Serb stronghold of orthodoxy during the Ottoman regime. Inside the monastery can be seen three churches of the thirteenth century, all with golden domes and beautiful medieval frescoes. To the south of Pec, Decani Monastery Visoki also contains beautiful frescoes of the fourteenth century, and the ride from the bus travels through a nice forest.

Brezovica, is in the northern part of Sar Planina, which divides Kosovo and Macedonia, is the favorite vacation destination in Kosovo.

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Another good idea is to enjoy the experience Rugova valley, surrounded by nature.

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