Tourism in Basel, Switzerland

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the river Rhine flows through Basel por madcrow.

To the northwest of Switzerland on the River Rhine, Basel, Basel is in Spanish, industrial center of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, strategically located right on the border with Germany and France. Basel is one of the largest cities in terms of culture is concerned, so much so that every year makes the modern art show Art Basel event of great importance in the art world. The museums, which are many, from the city of Basel provide constant exhibitions of great artists of the visual arts, museums which are visited annually by more than one million tourists.

The importance is that Basel is also the last port where they can access to vessels transiting the Rhine at Basel is the oldest university in Switzerland, the University of Basel in which teachers lecturing renowned as Erasmus Rotterdam, Daniel Bernoulli, Leonhard Euler and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Tourism in Basel, Switzerland

Attractions for tourists in the city of Basel form the tower is striking for its irregular towers, known for its medieval architecture, well inside containing the remains of Erasmus of Rotterdam.
The building of City Hall, built in the Marktplatz, or Market Square, built in sandstone known for its dark red color.

The Rhine is very important in the development and life of the city is also the ideal place to spend leisure time, both the townspeople and tourists who come to her sightseeing. In summer the climate is mild with many sunny days in August the temperatures can often reach up to 38 degrees and the river is the place that offers abundant space for recreation, water sports or just swims at our leisure. Basel is a unique experience for tourists, if you want to walk the hills with the beautiful green of the forests in the countryside, practicing tourism cycle through the bike paths or trails that allow us to keep in touch with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery, idyllic landscapes greet us as we move through the fields.

Another attraction are the Basel carnival celebrations that takes place over three days with joy and enthusiasm are reflected in the beautiful extras, this event begins Monday and ends Friday morning after Wednesday ash, people enjoy the pleasures and benefits from profane.

Basel is an important point or main axis of the rail network in Europe, the facility also has an international airport, shared with the cities of Mulhouse and Freiburg, which is built on French territory. It also has four ports in which it makes great commercial crime.

Basel with its strategic location is the starting point for your trip, either in Switzerland or across Europe, cities such as Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Strasbourg, Colmar and Freiburg im Breisgau, can be visited very easily because the distance to reach them is covered in just one hour. Also very close to Basel will find the main ski resorts of Europe. Basel awaits your visit.


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