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Surfing as a sport, is widespread worldwide, with its beginnings on the beaches of Hawaii, surfing history goes back 500 years ago on the islands of Polynesia, became very popular on the coasts of California and Australia, from where it began to spread throughout the world and from the 50 or 60 starts the evolution of the sport, both in the implementation of the materials as in the skill of acrobatic movements performed by surfers. Currently participating in the research materials used by surfers is based on studies conducted by aerospace engineers who seek to optimize the hydrodynamics of the tables.

It’s a boom industry in constant deployment of athletes, major companies are located in Australia, Europe and USA. As for the destinations chosen by lovers of this sport are in Australia, Southeast Asia and now the sport has found its niche in Latin America and especially in Peru. Significantly, the principal figure in the sport in Peru, is the world champion Sofia Mulanovich and that the Peruvian coast are privileged in many places where you can play the sport, including outstanding beaches such as Punta Rocas, Mancora, Los Bodies , Chicama, Lobitos and many more.

Surfing as sport is closely related to the development of adventure tourism, this is an area of more than 10 million people each year and increase by 500 thousand, which move around the world and are of average purchasing power and are people with time to travel and of course for tourism, are people moving through different parts of the world in search of unsaturated zones and where its ecology is kept, characterizes this type of tourist concern about the care of the environment, they are very respectful of the environment by moving, their habitat, their customs and culture, the sport is therefore of great influence on tourism, especially in the area called adventure tourism and pulling behind him traders and manufacturers of clothing for the sport, encouraging their rapid development. So what we have to as part of our contribution to developing tourism in this area, taking care of our natural resources.

Sofía Mulanovich por perubravazo.

These are the best places in the world where the surfer can unleash an adventurous spirit within him. Peru is one of the places where nature was generous and offers many wave breaks with every size and type. Hawaii, the birthplace of this sport located in the Pacific Ocean favorite place for surfers on the waves of up to nine meters, the most representative is the beach of Waikiki.

Australia, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, is the smallest of the five continents. Chile from the north to the central part is visited by surfers. Nicaragua is also a paradise for golf lovers, a country that is developing its new sports tourism. Mexico, for its extensive coastline, the waves and dream beaches are a paradise for surfers. Costa Rica’s international reputation, of great natural beauty and coastlines in the Pacific and the Caribbean. Brazil, with a variety of waves for all levels.

A Boat In Waikiki Beach por FoNgEtZ.

California, located on the west coast of the United States with a wonderful variety of natural attractions. Vanuatu, a beautiful island in the Pacific is one of the best and wild places around the world for surfing.

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