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Blog de Villa de Ayora: Top 10 Mayan ruins

Mexico is one of the countries with ancient ruins, archaeological excavations and undiscovered archeological sites that have been completely swallowed by the jungle. The provinces of Chiapas, Yucatan and Quintana Roo Mayan ruins are filled with well cared for tourists, or buried under the thick and spectacular flora of the area.

Mayan ruins

Photography by grahamc99

In this post I will present a ranking of the best Mayan ruins that we think are most interesting in Mexico to visit, whether you leave enough time to enjoy these mystical places and learn about Mayan culture:

Palenque Ruins:

These large and beautiful ruins are just outside the city of Palenque, in the jungle. In the province of Chiapas, near the Usumacinta River. Highlights include the Temple of the inscriptions which was found one of the greatest lords of Palenque Pakal as it was (the son of Pakal the Great). We also highlight the Palace, with its relief and the game balls.

It is difficult to visit or to reach the complex, although some pyramid up can cost a couple of minutes break to catch their breath.

Yaxchilan Ruins:

The ruins of Yaxchilan are 4 hours drive from Palenque. Once you reach the border with Guatemala, which defines the Usumacinta River, we sail for about an hour to get to these beautiful ruins in the jungle among the howler monkeys, birds and reptiles.

The visit is usually a little adventure. We recommend choosing a tour to get to Yaxchilan. We suggest that visitors bring something to keep warm, mosquito repellent and good boots or shoes suitable for visiting these sites, as well as up and down many stairs wet. We recommend bringing some kind of flashlight to illuminate the corridors of the maze entrance of the ruins. Typically, these tours are the ruins of Yaxchilan and Bonampack and worth about 400 pesos or so.

Chichen Itza Ruins:

These very famous ruins, with an average of 10 thousand visitors a day, mainly visited by tourists from Cancun’s hotel chains. Visit in low season will be a better ride. Although now banned climb to the top of the pyramid of Kukulkan, we recommend that if you go a few days in that area do not miss these monumental ruins and learn a little history.

Chichen Itza Ruins

Photography by ravi_raj

Tikal Ruins:

The ruins of Tikal, are in Guatemala, and can be reached with organized tours from Chiapas (Tikal excursion called “Flowers, and along the Usumacinta River and visited Tikal, sleeping in the jungles of Petén and visit flowers) . It is said that Tikal is one of the largest excavations in Central America. The ruins are in the Tikal National Park, and you have to walk a bit to get to the ruins. As a curiosity, Tikal was a rebel base in the movie Star Wars and it was the Maya city in Mel Gibson film, Apocalypto.

To reach the ruins you must enter the National Park by car. It is said that you can see jaguars in this area. Recommend wearing good shoes, because when found in the jungle is very humid, but no longer allowed to climb the spectacular pyramids. It must be remembered that it is forbidden to feed animals. And the price of admission is the most expensive of the Mayan ruins (Chichen Itza shared.)

The paintings and frescoes have been preserved within the pyramids, makes these small ruins are a stopping point if you are near them. After Yaxchilan ruins may seem small, but the paintings are interesting to watch.

The ruins of Tikal

Photography by Micah & Erin

Ruins Bonampack:

To reach the ruins you must use cars for local Indians, as the road leading up there is yours. The guides also are Indian ruins, and it is interesting to know its history. If you want to climb up many stairs, but easy to raise (is recommended to wear good shoes to climb). These ruins to be in the jungle as the sun does not play as Chichen Itza or Tulum.

Tulum Ruins:

These small ruins of Tulum are famous for being ahead of the Caribbean. They are always crowded by turistasLa visit is not difficult, but to reach them you must walk about 10 minutes or use a tiny little train that have prepared for tourists. Bring sunscreen and bathing suit you can wear because there are stairs that allow you to swim in front of the ruins!

Tulum Ruins

Photography by kthypryn

Copan Ruins:

The ruins of Copán, not in Mexico but in Honduras, near Guatemala. The staircase of the hieroglyphics is a great place to enjoy. This city was one of the most important of the Mayan era, and if visiting Honduras should be a must.

Uxmal ruins:

The ruins of Uxmal are characterized to represent the splendor of Mayan architecture along with Chichen Itza and Tikal. These ruins are relatively close to Chichen Itza and Merida. Stresses the Pyramid of the Magician or Sorcerer, the Nunnery Quadrangle, the Great Pyramid and the house of doves. The ruins of Uxmal are characterized by a very different ornamentation with the rest of the Mayan ruins.

Uxmal ruins

Photography by rivieramaya26

Uxmal Ruins

60km from Merida, the ruins are easy to visit, but during the summer heat is great.

Calakmul Ruins:

Calakmul ruins are the ruins that are more fashionable by the experts in Mexico’s Mayan ruins. Recently, new pyramids are discovering what was great city in the state of Campeche Chiapas. Go to Calakmul, if you have time could be interesting. Although we must warn tourists who visit the ruins of Calakmul, it is not easy. From Chiapas (in my experience) there are no tours to visit these ruins, nor transport to go around, therefore, ideally placed to contact a hotel there near Calakmul to arrange a visit to the ruins .- difficulty of the visit: the ruins are in the jungle, and you have to walk a few hours to reach them. Many times we seem to be in front of a mountain instead of in front of a great pyramid. It should be well prepared for a visit. Many people have stayed on top of one of their pyramids.

Live the experience of discovering the pyramids!

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