Tips to go to Oktoberfest

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Although we have discussed on other occasions about the Oktoberfest, it never hurts to add information and add more tips to enjoy this great celebration it deserves.


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Oktoberfest in Munich beer festival is the most crowded and famous in the world, takes place from 18 September to 3 October. On Saturday 18 September, the store where Schottenhamel will be held the official opening of Oktoberfest 2010. At midnight, the mayor of Munich will have the honor to open the first barrel, and from there the rest of the attendees can start your marathon particular brewery. For those who want to get good seats and have a unique position in the opening ceremony, it is advisable to get around 21h to the event.

Tips, questions and curiosities of Oktoberfest:

To begin, we must clarify that the entrance to the Oktoberfest and all the pavilions is free. It should come not long after three o’clock in the afternoon (the official website even advised to go in the morning on weekends). Otherwise, you run the risk that the capacity is complete and we can not come quickly.

The Oktoberfest takes place in a beautiful part of Munich called Theresienwiesen, which is a large terrace located on the west side of town. Theresienwiese is approximately 10 to 15 minute walk from Central Station Hauptbahnhof, so who are staying in the area can be easily reached on foot: to find the road is not difficult, just follow the stream of people dressed in Bavarian every day going to the party. Strongly advises against the approaching car, and that although there are enough parking, it is very difficult to find a place, especially in the evening, besides the heavy traffic at that hour. For anyone who wants to bring the subway, get off at stop Theresienwiese, and it is already in the vicinity of the premises.

Tips to go to Oktoberfest

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How much does a pint of beer?

The price of beer varies in a range between 8.30 and 8.60 euros per liter, depending on the store where we are.

Are children allowed in the tents of Oktoberfest?

Yes, but children under 6 years must leave the tents or tents at 20h (obviously, with his parents). In any case, you should always bear in mind that stores are never too full very funny or children or their parents. Information is recommended because it is very likely that prams are not allowed in stores, especially at night as highly frequented on Fridays, weekends and holidays. Although not all bad news for visitors with children, and the official day of the family is any Tuesday from 12h to 18h, with reduced prices across the Oktoberfest.

I can go into the beer tents without reservation?

Of course, although it is advisable to arrive as soon as possible, especially if we are part of a large group. As an example, the official website of Oktoberfest suggested we get no later than 2:30 p.m. on weekdays, while on holidays directly tells us to go in the morning if we do not run out of space.

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What are the hours of Oktoberfest?

The beer is served in the stores at the following times:

Weekdays: 10am – 10:30 p.m.
Holidays: 9 am – 10:30 p.m.
All tents close at 11:30 p.m., except calls «Käfer Wiesn-Schänke» and «Weinzelt» which closed doors at 1 am, and stop serving alcohol at 0.15h.

Hours of souvenir shops, food, etc.:

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 11:30 p.m.
Friday: 10h – 0h
Saturday: 9am – 0h
Sundays: 9 am – 11:30 p.m.

What dates Oktoberfest will be held in the coming years?

2011: September 17 to October 3
2012: September 22 to October 7

Other events in Munich that match Oktoberfest:

As not everyone is drinking beer, about Oktoberfest events are held much smaller and modest, but also interesting. One of them is the staging of the Passion of Christ in Oberammergau.

This event is even older than the Oktoberfest, and has been held since 1634. At that time, since the fever began to disappear from the region, the inhabitants of Oberammergau decided to celebrate with the staging of the Passion of Christ every ten years. Today, this event is world famous and attracts over 500,000 spectators each time it is celebrated. This year, the Passion of Christ is headed for a third time by Christian Suckle, director of the Theater of Munich. More than 2000 citizens of Oberammergau involved in developing the show, which lasts almost a whole day.


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