Tips for planning a trip with economy

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Planning equals to spare. The traveler should apply this slogan if you want to enjoy a vacation as economical as possible. Even in times of crisis, any spending on leisure and enjoyment hurts more in your pocket. However, the calculation time and reduce costs and is now a good time to think of summer or the next bridge if you do not want to give to discover new worlds.

Tips for planning a trip with economy

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Travel agents, wholesalers and hotels, pressured by the need to raise cash, they offer their customers attractive discounts and promotions throughout the year as 2×1 travel at half price or cheaper hotels than usual, especially in low season. In general, for the user, the golden rule remains: the closer the date of travel booking to departure, the number of free places will be lower and the final cost will be higher. But the price is not the only factor to consider.

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Photography by Peter Shanks

Provide hotel bookings and cheap flights, and even travel, reduce costs without ride quality is affected. Also depend on the amount of money we can spend. And above all, do not agree to pay more, carefully read the fine print of the contract we sign with agencies or airlines before closing the subject.

Internet becomes a very useful tool to search for flights, car rentals, accommodation reservations, museum tickets and entertainment at more affordable prices. The most popular service is the recruitment of low cost flights. But beware, when purchasing the ticket by the Network must be taken into account if you travel with luggage to be checked, some companies charge service. Travel insurance is optional, but hiring also has a cost.

Avión por Daquella manera.

Photography by Daquella manera

Although last minute to buy plane tickets at a bargain price and think it is worth the wait, the advance is the best ally to pay less for flights. Taking risks can lead to frustrate our expectations. If we pay the travel several months prior to departure will save money, especially for the requested dates (August and Christmas).

We have to consider other suggestions, such as avoiding air travel and hire the peak days cancellation insurance for entitlement to a refund, but it partially full, the money paid if we give up the trip.

When looking for accommodation online, the payment of hotel reservation is not made immediately on line, but on arrival or departure of the establishment. If you rent a home, then we must pay advance signal which will run between 20% and 30% of the total.

The credit card is, along with traveler’s checks, the more comfortable and safer option to meet expenses beyond our borders. It’s cheaper to buy foreign exchange under current account. In addition, we must keep all documents of purchase and cash withdrawal at ATMs for a possible future claim.

Economize your trip!

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