Three wonders of Jordan – Petra, Wadi and Rum

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Today we will discuss three wonderful places to visit in Jordan. These are Petra, foreign firms and Wadi Rum. These are considered the three wonders found in the plains of Jordan.

Three wonders of Jordan - Petra

Photography by Charlie Phillips

First we go to Petra, where you pay a high cost of entry. The visit to Petra is indeed very expensive, by itself, and high ticket price (69 euros) and almost inevitable costs involved in restoring energy and transportation. But no one will, I dare to venture, feeling cheated. The art of the Nabatean kingdom, created by the enigmatic and not very durable nomad people emigrated to the current southwest of Jordan from the north of Arabia, is a conglomerate that combines geometry Mannerist funeral of the Egyptians, the Roman Corinthian Scroll of Hellenistic decadence and formalism.

Once the mandatory and beautiful journey from the entrance to the so-called Treasury, the famous rock-cut tomb in the middle of the first century BC, probably for the king Aretas III, the following steps lead through a gorge carved on both sides, two other unforgettable wonders of the Street of Facades and the Royal Tombs.

Three wonders of Jordan - Petra, Wadi and Rum

Photography by Jacob Wodzynski

Tourists often come to Petra yoked by sanctifying grace of the holy places, since a majority of those who buy wholesale package have been in Jerusalem and Bethlehem before moving to Jordan, the only country in the area that allows entry who has in his passport the Israeli stamp. After walking the Holy Land, a travel pious has bathed in the Dead Sea salt water (one stage frankly inexcusable), has been sick a little in the seven circles or roundabouts in Amman, where we must not overlook their tiny but extraordinary Museum of Citadel, has felt the earthquake-resistant shaft of the beautiful columns of the Roman town of eign, a detour near the capital that it is worth, and begins to order the road to the south, a road which has two tracks. The Desert Highway is called the fastest and, like life itself, the most boring. The recommended and memorable is that of King, who, leaving behind high-profile names Bible (Sodom and Gomorrah, for example, now without a trace apparent defect), through one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes that can contemplate.

Jordan - Petra

Photography by © Salim Photography

The final destination, if one does not need to dive into the beach life of Aqaba, Wadi Rum is the desert park of that name, a desolate grandeur that excited, but also intrigue the traveler who has previously been in Petra. Because in the barren mountains of Wadi Rum and the nature and time have wrought, without the bevel of the architects, a monument to ingenuity. Red sand dunes, and pierced the crust as drawn from their rocky masses, their silence, inspired Lawrence of Arabia, Lord of these areas in maintaining its track. Wadi Rum is now in the hands of the Bedouin, hospitality, elegant and, of course as old as the people of nomadic culture, good merchants that have: camels resigned, spacious shops where you sleep and the best scenery of the East.

Good Luck!

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